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Langkawi Trip: Departure Night & Day 1

17th December 06

Tonight was the departure day. We were required to gather at the big gate of SMK Taman Ehsan at 11pm.
I was rushing back from Midvalley after few hours I spent with my family together and took few photos at the nicely decorated Midvalley.
I brought 3 bags, for 3 days 2 nights! 2 for clothes, food and some other things like toothbrush etc... and another one was used to keep my water bottle, wallet, mobile phone etc....
My younger brother teased me saying that I looked like going on a trip for a week.. lolz..
At 11.52pm, a group of us (42 people) departed from Taman Ehsan to Langkawi! There were about 10 juniors (lower 6's), some of our ex-classmates (form 5's), most of the U6S2's, and 9 of us from U6S1.

oh ya, I'd almost forgotten to mention that we were going by a BUS, and this was the 3rd time I went on a trip by the same bus, the same driver!
The 1st time was during the trip to Fraser's Hill last year to catch insects, the 2nd time was to travel to Penang in December 05 with my seniors, and this was the 3rd time to Langkawi (Kuala Perlis lah...)
so, I was not so worried about the trip on the road, because he is a good driver! He brought along a lady too, I guess she is his wife lah... they were going on the same trip with us!
By the way, as expected, we failed to fall asleep easily... I think most of us had had only about half hour sleep.

18th December 06

At 6.30am, we reached Jetty of Kuala Perlis. We took the ferry at about 7.30am to Langkawi!
This was my very first time riding on a ferry oh! Finally at 8.30am, we reached the Jetty of Langkawi safely!!!! yoyoyo~ This was also my first time to step on the land of Langkawi =p
I regretted to bring so many things as we had to carry them on our own while walking for a long distance from the jetty to the exit of the complex! So heavy!

while waiting at the jetty of Kuala Perlis
jian wei, may jing, goh, wanbie, hwee huat

these are the life jackets in the ferry, we were not asked to wear them, huh?!

The ferry we took... it looks like an aeroplane without wings huh

Hoon & Me at the jetty of Langkawi, Pulau Bebas Cukai!

From there, we went to our chalet by 'kereta sewa' a.k.a taxi, but in fact it was a van which could carry 12 persons of us!.... haha.
Our chalet was "Lagenda Permai Chalet" which is located in Pantai Cenang Langkawi. It's nearby the beach, we just need to cross a road and walk a short distance to the beach, opposite of our chalet.
We arrived at the chalet at about 10.00am. It was out of our expectation. We thought it would be a luxury chalet.... After dividing into groups, we took our key and went ahead to our chalet /room respectively. Some of the rooms were occupied by 3 persons, some 4 persons and some 5 persons.

Description of our chalet [Hoon and Teng were staying in the same room with me]:
- the door couldn't be locked from inside, except by using the key, and it's hard to open.
- the water shower heater in the toilet couldn't function, which means we didn't have hot water for shower.....
- there were lots of mosquitoes, according to Hoon and Teng; I didn't know because they seldom bite me, blek =p, they don't like my blood haha...
- the mattress was not really clean
- there was a small square refrigerator, but we didn't use it as it's smelly (beer's) inside it...
- it was quite dark in the room, because there was only a yellow bulb producing dim light...
- the floor was made of wood, and it was rotting away, so if we jump on them hor, I think we would make a hole on it, and fall into the hole, lolz..
- there was an air-conditioner in each room except one didn't have.

After settling down and facing the 'truth' of the room quality, it was about 11.30am. 3 of us went for a walk nearby, and had our brunch at a chinese restaurant "Lucky", we ate fried rice which cost us RM5 each, hmm.. about the same with the price in KL loh...
Then, we went for a walk at the seaside, with Liow Mei Kuan (have to specific the name, too many Mei Kuan.. lolz..), Min Huey and Ai Feern. wah... it was very hot! beh tahan then we went back to chalet.

Not long time later, it was no longer that hot. Goh asked us to go to the beach. However, it was a trap, 'set by the sun' haha... because it had become so hot again after a while! We had to hide ourselves from the BIG sun under the big umbrella there for a long long time. Luckily we did apply some sunblock on our skin, if not we would get serious sunburn!
The scenery there was very nice! And the sand was very fine, soft and white~ we felt good to stand on this sand!
3 of us had bought coconut drinks, each for RM2, the price was still okay lah.
When the sun hid itself behind the clouds, it's time for us to be active!

Goh, Kesavan, Eng Mei Kuan (this is another Mei Kuan, our junior), Jenny, Zeming, Min Huey, Teng & Me had played BANANA BOAT! Each of us paid RM10 only, it's cheap lah ... we had much much fun! It's too bad that nobody helped us to take a photo! By the way, I did play it, ok! It was my very first time to ride on a banana boat oh!
We had fallen into the sea for 3 times... at first, he failed to make us falling, then he gave us a 'stronger turn' and finally we dropped into water lo... definitely we would fall as we are not experts, and we would only have fun by dropping into the water, haha...
During the 2nd drop, the polystyrene pieces of one side of Min Huey's life jacket had been floating away! which means her life jacket was not a good one, and Goh helped to support her in the water, then exchanged the life jacket with her after we all climbing hard up to the banana boat again.
During the 3rd drop, I was having leg cramp, very painful =.="... but I was still okay lah... Overall, it was fun fun fun!

dead jelly fish?

oh ya, there were many jelly fishes! This was my first time to see a real jelly fish. We could see some dead ones on the beach.... and some alive ones in the sea! So, we didn't play water, had to walk carefully..... bad lah, although the water was clean and clear, the sand was white and fine.

lengluis~ Zeming, E.Mei Kuan, Min Huey, L.Mei Kuan, Jenny, Ai Feern, Hoon, Me, Teng

the white sandy beach, with blue sky, cute white clouds and clean clear water!

We took a lot of photos there too... but something bad happened to me. When I was walking on the seaside, something sharp (maybe it's a stone...) pierced into my sole (I didn't wear my slippers). T_T so bad, both of my feet were in pain!
We were so tiring then, so we went back to chalet and took shower.
Next, at about 7.30pm, we had our dinner at Lucky Restaurant again. There were 7 of us, and we had ordered 4 dishes. The total cost was RM70. Each of us just needed to pay RM10, not really expensive too, and it was a delicious and full dinner.

Then, 7 of us and Wei Jie took a taxi (the van) to Kuah Town, with RM10 each person for go and back. From our place to that town, it's far, I think 20 minutes was needed. We bought many chocolates there.

In fact, there was an activity at beach organised by juniors for us at the same time, but we didn't go.
We back to the chalet at about 10.10pm, and we gathered at the room next to us (L. Mei Kuan + Huey + Feern's). We had some chats and played cards. We slept at about 1am for this day, as we were tired enough although it's actually quite early.

*I've had many first time during this trip! more coming up....



Anonymous winnie said...

yeaa..we saw the same dead jelly fish too!we even used a wood stick to turn it's heavy!n someone there told us tat people use to eat this kind of jelly fish..@.@

December 23, 2006 11:05 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

we didn't dare to go near the jellyfish leh...

hmm.. although some of my friends did try to catch the live one... yeeee....

I don't really know how to differentiate which types are poisonous which are not!

December 26, 2006 1:30 am  

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