Saturday, December 23, 2006

Langkawi Trip: Day 3

2oth December 06

at 7.30am, we woke up, again, we switched off the air conditioning system and slept for half hour more. Today was the last day, we had to pack our things! wah... so fast huh?!

at 10am, we walked to the 'Zon', the duty free shop to buy some chocolates.

the chalet we stayed...

at 10.30am, we checked out, put our bags to the bus. By bus, we went to jetty, placed our bags at somewhere near the door of Kastam Diraja Malaysia of the jetty. Then, we took some group photos.

the group photo, everyone was inside~

We were given free time till 1.30pm. Hoon, Teng and me went in a group to visit the shops in the complex. I had bought some more chocolates there too... but I was regretted that I didn't buy more on the first day in the town, the chocolates there were of more varieties and were cheaper!

wow... so many ferrero rocher! I've just checked the price (few days later), in KL, it is RM26.50, in Langkawi, it is RM18.50 !

Then, we wanted to have our lunch at KFC nearby, but there was no place for us!

Aha! Because of that, we ordered the food and ate them at somewhere else! hehe... we went to the Dataran Lang, Langkawi and searched for bench. We ate our KFC there, lalala... it's even better than eating inside the restaurant~
Besides, we ate fast, as the time left was not much, then we took some photos at Dataran Lang there, with the big big Eagle~

Hoon & Teng, nearby the Dataran Lang

the huge Eagle, the 'tiny' Hedwig Elaine,

Luckily we were able to be back in time to gather at the Customs there. hey, since we are under 20 years old, we were not required to be checked! ahahaha...
We took the ferry on 2.00pm.
hey, while we were queueing to go on board, I saw someone familiar, who was not joining our trip! She.... was U6A student! In our trip, there was nobody from U6A! She was Shazwanie! haha... I stared at her for a while..... then... she also looked at me, and greeted with me. What a coincidence!

took at the Jetty, while waiting our bus to go home.When you see this scene, what can you imagine?

After we reached the jetty of Kuala Perlis, we went on our journey back to Kepong by that familiar bus. This was a long journey, we watched a movie -- Superman Return. I was not sleepy at all, I had tried to sleep but the sound of the movie made me hard to fall asleep too, because the speakers were just above my seat....
We did sing Karaoke together, but the VCD was so lousy.... most of the songs were not popular ones. During this trip, I did argue with someone over some very little things, and he liked to attack me verbally! Luckily I am no longer need to see him now... I'm bad, I know...

We had chatted a lot in the bus, we felt like the time was passing so fast, we wished the bus could continue travelling.... infinity.......... haha... wuliao huh...
Overall, the trip was very fun. I had many of my 'first time' too. We reached at our lovely school at 12.30am on 21st December 06!

oh... bye bye, my dear Langkawi ~

- I had used almost reached RM300 in that island, excluding the trip fees RM160! About RM150 had been used to buy chocolates!

- we were lucky, there were not raining on the first and second day we were on the Langkawi Island; While on the 3rd day, there was only a light rain by the time we wanted to go home.



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