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Langkawi Trip: Day 2

19th December 06

We planned to wake up at 8.00am. Woke up, and it was very cold! We switched off the air-conditioning system and continued sleeping, haha.....
To eat cup mee, we need hot water. Hot water could only be obtained from the 'canteen', it was prepared by the chalet's worker at 9am. We were not allowed to boil our own hot water. I had a very full breakfast, I ate a cup mee, drank a cup of coffee and ate 2 pieces of roti with tuna! I ate so much just to clear our stock.

Hoon and Teng having breakfast in front of the door of our room

At 10am, we went to the Oriental Village Langkawi by a bus. Since we were out of budget, everyone of us needed to pay RM12 for this transport... something kinda 'complicated' mistake occurred loh...
While those 'leaders' were buying tickets for the cable car, we walked around there, and found that there was a rabbit farm! yo, they were so cute! I tried to pat their head, they were not really scared of me, then hor, I picked it up, and held it close to my body, and hey, it was not nervous, it didn't kick me or struggle, hehe.... it was even more obedient than my pet (rabbits) last time!

we are cute rabbits~!

Next, we were queueing for the cable car. You know, the system was not good at all, I shouldn't say it as Q-up, because there were few queues for only one ticket checking machine. So everyone of us needed to fight for our own turn. After that, then we had to queue up on the 2nd floor. Luckily, that was indeed only a queue, a very long queue... so we had to wait for a long time. We could see many foreign tourists there... luckily that there were many cable cars, the long queue became shorter fast haha..

May Jing, Jian Wei, Weng Hong, Wan Bie, Goh, Benny; while waiting for the cable car....

physics guys...

6 of us -- Hoon, Teng, Huey, Feern, L.M.Kuan and me were in a group, we went up the top of the hill by the same cable car as each of the cable car can carry 6 people. All of us were so scared, because it was moving fast, and it was high!
This was not my first time riding on a cable car though, my 1st time of this had given to the cable car in Genting Highland, which was within the buildings, not the one from the hillside to the Genting! The 2nd try was given to the one in Penang, that one wasn't scary of course.
wah... how if the one and only cable was broken? ! That was the cause of the fear...

this photo was taken in the cable car, while we were moving up to the top of the hill~

Me, L.Mei Kuan, Ai Feern, we were in the cable car, 'flying' in the air

the Curved Suspension Bridge, taken from the cable car

There were 3 stations (if didn't remember wronlgy), but we could only stop at the last one. While we were at high altitude, the temperature dropped, and there was strong wind which shook our cable car! This increased our fear. Fortunately, we reached the top of the hill very safely (of course lah..), phew~

Took at the top of the hill, wow, can see the beaches and sea from here...

You will be regretted if you do not come up to this cloudland! One must visit this place if he comes to Langkawi! The mountain scenery was super nice! And the wind was very strong too, I didn't tie my hair up, so... my look was so messy..

me, see my special hairstyle.... blown by the fresh wind.... behind me was sea/sky

hoon = cloud (in hokkien), her name is Yap Hoon = leaf+cloud = leafcloud, it was once her nickname in internet... haha

where is the skyline? nice huh this scenery!

There, at 710m above sea level, we could see that the sky and the sea were kinda undifferentiated. The skyline was kinda blur, it was like the sky and the sea were one body! Nice! RM15 was not wasted, it's paid off.
Besides, there was also a "Curved Suspension Bridge", at first Hoon didn't dare to walk on this bridge, but then since we all insisted on going, she had to follow us lo.... when strong wind blew, the bridge shook too! This scared Hoon.. haha.... if you go to KLCC, you can feel the same too, the building would shake actually. This is logic, ask physics student? haha..

Min Huey and Me on the Curved Suspension Bridge ~

walking back from the bridge to the Cable Car station on the top of the hill. Does it look like FRIM?!

In the station, took this before we went down the hill. cute leh...

After taking many photos, we took the cable car again. Since this was the second time, we were no longer that scared, however, it's a bit different from the one coming up. When we reached the 2nd station, it was very very steep! We didn't feel the steepness just now but we could feel it by the time we went down the hill! We were screaming as if we were riding on a roller coaster! It's because when it was going down, the speed was faster (should be? not sure...). How exciting!

Next, we visited some shops in the oriental village and bought some souvenirs before going back to our chalet. 28 of us paid RM25 and went on island hoping! Others stayed in the chalet and had their own activity. Hoon, Teng & L.M.Kuan were not following us.
This was my first time riding on a speedboat. It was a 10-people speedboat. We felt secure as we were required to wear life jacket.
We felt so good to ride on a speedboat, the wind was very strong too! (wind again... 'makan terlalu banyak angin' lah..). Sometimes, I couldn't open my eyes as the wind was too strong besides spraying by the salty sea water.

Our first destination was Pulau Dayang Bunting. The shape of the island viewed from side was indeed looked like a pregnant woman. The speedboat stopped by the pier, then we walked to the Lake of the pregnant maiden. Although the lake is nearby the sea, its water is non salty. (although I think it's a bit salty..) Some of them played banana boat there. Almost all of us do rent a life jacket and was 'swimming' in the lake, it's just like a swimming pool.
The rental fees was RM3. When I wanted to rent one, there was no more life jacket for rental. Then there were 2 kind foreign tourists asking us to use theirs as they were leaving, yay~ saved RM3 haha...

my dad said that this photo looks like those people wanting to rescue their life in Titanic oh.. haha

In a small pool there, we lowered our feet into the water and let the catfishes did massage for us! haha.. they are soft, slippery and whiskery, so when they moved around our feet, it tickled us, so geli ~ imagine if one jumps into the pool full with these catfishes, is he able to bear with the itch and can he swim? hmm

After spending about 2 hours there, we rode on the speedboat to the next place to see eagle-feeding. The waves by that time were strong, as it's evening already and the tide was on the flow. It was breathtaking, I could say that it's even more exciting than riding on the banana boat! Since the wind and wave was strong, most of the eagles were not able to come down to catch the food (the skin of chicken, how to call it as? eh...).

Then, we continued to go to the 3rd place, it's Pulau Beras Basah. However, we didn't land at the pier. The surging waves were too vigorous, we thought it's better to go back. Safety first... haha... thanks to our boatman, he was so skillful, even though our boat was the last departed always, but it would be the one leading then.

After this island hoping, my gang went to the beach nearby our chalet to wait sunset at about 6.30pm. hmm.. the Sun was 'moving' fast huh, it 'disappeared' in a short while !
*I didn't take any photo by using my aunt's camera as I didn't bring it since I went island hoping..

nice! Min Huey & Ai Feern were the models holding the sun!

At 8.30pm, we had BBQ in chalet (not in our room of course). It was prepared by the workers there. However, we didn't need to do anything, we just needed to take the barbecued food and eat.. yuck, almost all of them were not cooked enough...

After eating, we thought wanna go to the 'pub' nearby. It was suggested by the tour guide, an uncle. Was he a 'gam yu lou'? I didn't know. However, he brought along another 2 uncles.
At first, almost everyone was thinking to go. Then, few of the lower 6 (the society AJK) told me that they thought it was quite dangerous to go with them as we didn't know what would they do to us, and the 'pubs' here were not under control of police.
Aiks, seems like my juniors are even more mature than me! Aiyo.... so, after we had a 'meeting', and we finally decided not to go.

We were very boring, wuliao leh... didn't know what to do. Then, we found that many of them were not in the chalet. They had gone to the beach! so... we also went to the beach. We met most of them and sat on the beach in a circle, and were chit-chatting...
Ken Fai helped us to buy alcoholic drinks! hehe... this was my first time to drink a 5% alcohol drink oh..., the same to Hoon too! Mine was a Fruit juice (apple) + 5% Vodka, it was RM5 only.
5%, is nothing big matter, the only thing was I could sleep better and the throat was at higher temperature.

We went back at about 2am.

The night was so wonderful, the sky was full with stars.

*may add some photos afterwards...



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