Monday, December 25, 2006

"Playing" computer all the time!

Firstly, I wanna say Sorry, for my posts about my Langkawi trip are so long.... I know surely your computer is facing the problem of lagging... hope that it doesn't make your computer hang at there..... ! Besides, I know that there are lots of grammar mistakes and some words have been misused, please forgive me for that, I think I do really need to improve my english proficiency!

Right after I was back at home after the trip, I was trying to transfer the photos from the memory cards to my computer. You know what, I did something and it caused my D drive to be in trouble, big trouble....
Whenever I tried to open the folders in D drive, the mouse cursor couldn't move -- hang! the computer would hang at there..... and no response would be given...
I tried and tried and tried, the problem was actually caused by photos, errors occurred while transfering was in the process.

On the 2nd day, I was still unable to solve the problem. So... I kept my important files by burning them into cds. Then, I formatted my D drive! This was my ever First time to format my D drive... haha... funny thing.
And finally... I did it, the problem was solved! It made me being so exhausted, caused me to sit in front of the computer for hours without any leaving, and the computer had been restarted for countless times.

now, I'm so tired ... these few days (except some), I have been sitting in front of the computer, typing and typing... the posts as you can see below, and also collecting + uploading + editing the photos....
I'm having serious backpain right now, and the wrist is painful too, that's the common sickness that heavy computer users will have!

erm... I found that actually there are only few comments/feedbacks in my blog, I think there are quite many people reading my blog wo.... can give me some comments when you think you have something to say?
If you don't have, then let it be... I just want to know what do you think when you read the things I wrote.
Thanks for willing to pay a visit to my blog, and I appreciate it.
Thanks for you kindness for leaving me a comment too.


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