Monday, December 25, 2006

A Merry Christmas

Yesterday was the Christmas Eve.

Hoon, Mei Kuan, Min Huey, Ai Feern and I went for shopping at Midvalley. We went there by KTM at 12.30pm.... wah.... there were so many people!!!!

First, when we reached there, we went to have our lunch at the food court on the top floor.... you know, there was no place for us, we had to wait at the side of a 'targeted table', and went to sit down right after they went away... lolz...
At first, I thought I was going there to shop for my new year clothes, but then it turned out to be only shopping to buy presents for the present exchange in the night. Besides, I also bought 100 pcs of IMATION CDR, mine had just finished, I needed them to burn the photos of Langkawi! It cost me RM65, with cover and a free Imation marker pen.
We wanted to go back at 6pm. When we went to the KTM station, wah........ *faint* so many people were waiting for the coming train! aiyo.... so, we had to wait for the 2nd train then... luckily it came not long after that.

At night, Goh went to Leslie's house with 5 of us, although Goh, Min Huey & Feern didn't know Leslie actually. There, we met few of our ex form 5 classmates such as Sin Yin, Mahesan, Thilagam, Amanda etc.... we had had a yummy dinner, then we had present exchange, next was the Christmas Caroling. The singing was so nice, I wish I knew to sing those songs!
This was my first experience, to celebrate Christmas with Christian ^^, we had lots of fun~ I had the chance to eat turkey too~~
In fact, I had fever during that time, but it's not a big matter, hehee... I was still 'active' like any other time I am!

everyone was wearing a santa hat!

How did I pass my Christmas Day, today? I've been busy editing photos, uploading them.... nothing else! oh ya.. rest? I must not be going out everyday or my parents wouldn't be happy about it although I'm free now...


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