Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pre-Langkawi Trip

now is 1am on 16th December 06! hehe.... I will be going to Langkawi soon -- tomorrow night!
yet... I haven't prepared anything except the list of the things I need to prepare... so many things to bring!

wah... too excited! I will be going to buy some mee cup, junk food etc for this trip with Min Huey later, lalala...

As far as I know, most of the form 6 students like me have their vacation in Langkawi too! haha.. but if we can choose, surely we wanna go to Redang ler, it's just that we are not allowed to go, it's monsoon season now =.="
It's raining heavily here (KL) almost everyday, with super thunder... I hope that there will be no rain in Langkawi, if not, we will have to stay indoor then?!
By the way, a net friend of mine who is also a form 6 graduate has just back from there, and he told me it's hot, no rain at all!
Wow, it is a good news huh, hope it will be the same then...

Actually I'm quite worried about something....
Everytime I go on a trip, I will worry about this and that, for this time, I worry for accident (bus and ferry), natural disaster (tsunami!), the unfortunate to be bit by a jelly fish (which is always visualized as a cute creature in cartoon, in fact, it's a deadly one!).

While I'm in the world of worries but being excited at the same time, YZ sent me this (click the link below) as a testimonial in my friendster! Bad YZ! anyway, thanks for her WISHES

"good luck and enjoy ur jelly fish holiday coming soon"

so... my dear readers, friends and whoever you are, please pray for me!
我自问平常没有做亏心事 (really? ya gua..),请保佑我。。。
Tragedies please stay away from me... shoo shoo...
seems like I am over-worried huh...
In fact, whatever will be happening is my destiny, my fate, I can't predict it, so... just let it be the way it should.... choi choi choi...

hmm... surely we will take a lot of photos during this trip! hehe... don't forget our cameraman is going!
ngek ngek, Langkawi is a duty-free zone! so hor, I will buy many many chocolates!

I will blog about it after coming back from the trip, will upload the photos too, so... fellow
readers, stay tuned!



Anonymous winnie said...

Langkawi is so damn damn damn hot!
me n some of my friends even got sunburned!!Dun forget to apply sunblock when u r going to the sea!dun raining's a fun n nice,enjoy!

December 16, 2006 3:10 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

hehe.. thanks ya, I will remember to apply sunblock!
hope it will be hot days too...

December 16, 2006 11:55 am  

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