Tuesday, December 12, 2006

again the Super ThunderBolt =X

Two of my brothers and I were working on Sunday at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center.
so.... there was nobody in the room of our house, yet we left our computer on!
What happened next?
yes... there was a heavy rain with super thunderbolt as usual in the afternoon.... okay, then... our little ADSL Modem was struck by that thunderbolt~~~

I think those who read my blog should have heard about the stories of my modem for times... sigh.... that's why I'm not able to access internet at home now....
We actually could avoid this 'tragedy', I did ask my brother whether we should switch off the computer before leaving home, he said nothing would happen wor.... aiyo....
Our dad was so angry, because we are wasting money.... RM130 leh.... now he's going to Lowyat Plaza to buy a new one.......

so, back to the story of working at there... After finish working by 7pm, my parents went to Sunway Pyramid too. We had our dinner at Hartz again.
I did mention that Hartz the buffet restaurant had moved from there. We then found it in Sunway Pyramid again on the same floor with Giant (the supermarket). We just needed to pay for 4 person instead of 5, after showing them the 'logo' in my mobile phone downloaded from DiGi, haha....


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