Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Met with Yi Yin

oo... I am no longer 发霉 [so called "fungus infection", just as a metaphor lah..], because I went to One Utama with Jin & May yesterday~

I would be (should be..) busier this week, compared to just staying at home last week, as my friends are all here now. Yesterday went working, it's better than just staying at home lor...

We reached One Utama at about 11.15am. You know, the car park at B1 was almost full at this early hour! aiyo... it's because It was a public holiday !
I knew it before that, but I still chose to go, insisted to go, begged my friends to go with me! My Kai Mui (Yi Yin) was in KL now! I wanted to meet her at there as she stayed nearby there at her uncle's house. She stays at Kuantan, Pahang.

This was my first time meeting her, talking to her. We met her after buying movie tickets at GSC. Then we had our lunch together at "WongKok" there, had a walk until our movie time at 2.20pm. I had bought her and myself a 'fish shaped handphone hanger, handmade by wire' (hard to describe them...).
We did take some photographs before we said goodbye. She had hugged me too! I'm really not used to hug people/being hugged, lolz...

compared to her, I looked so giant! and also my face is so big >(=.=)<

My impression of her, she is short (shorter than me ...), obedient, shy, not as talkative as me (pendiam..).... but overall, she's a good girl lah...

about the Movie 3 of us watched, it's "Deja Vu".
The term "déjà vu" (French for "already seen", also called paramnesia) describes the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously.
from Wikipedia
This movie is not bad! (although May watched till falling asleep at first..haha...) It was boring at first lah... most of the movies are like that huh...

Thanks my friends for willing to accompany me to 1U yesterday =p



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