Thursday, December 14, 2006

Drive & drive ~

Two days ago, Tuesday night, I drove my daddy's Iswara (manual, ok!) to fetch my friends (May, Ching, Teng & Jin) to have a drink (yumcha ..).
Eh, I didn't fetch Jin lah, she came to my house, because it's hard to drive to Wangsa Permai, I didn't (don't) dare to drive to that area =p

After driving so many times to send my family members to the Kepong Central (or Central Kepong ah?) KTM station, and also to fetch them, I think my driving skill has been improved slightly....

We went to a restaurant named Bamboo which is nearby the Kepong Carrefour.
There were 3 people singing while playing guitar, to entertain the customers. However, we found it as a disadvantage as the volume was too high, it would be better if the volume can be lowered. But their voices were not bad.

We then moved from inside the restaurant to outside, so that we could chat haha....
We may try another restaurant next time... hmm

Yesterday, I was staying at home, doing nothing except sleeping and reading comic.... wanted to find someone to chat online, but I couldn't connect to streamyx :[
After complaining just now, I'm able to get online now!

Today, I drove again, to Selayang Mall. I didn't dare to park inside the shopping mall though as it's really a big challenge! I may try it in the future, only if I can drive very well already!
Ching, Jin, May, Min Huey, Teng & me went to play badminton! Jin drove her car too, she helped to fetch Teng. Aiks, Hoon didn't want to go again! She was so busy T_T
Khoo went together too, hehe.. he was the only guy! He agreed to go along as he thought Goh had gone too...

Khoo went back earlier as he had something else to do...
We played from 10am till 11.40am. It was only RM5 each hour per court.
After that, we had our brunch (I supposed...) at Restaurant Chandran, the famous Mamak Restaurant in Aman Puri.

wah... it was indeed a long time I didn't do any exercise, except walking and walking...
After sweating so much, we felt so good!
But tomorrow will be a suffering day, the whole body will be in great pain, maybe left hand will not be... lolz

Hey, I can drive [car with manual gear system, not Kancil leh] safer and better already!!!
but it has been more than 1 & a half year I had gotten my P license =.="


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