Saturday, August 05, 2006

Special Acne & PMS & M.P.

Warning~ this post is mainly about my health... a girl's....
haha... sounds weird? No worry, these are the normal cases happening everyday , almost experienced by everyone (eh... not really huh?); see below:

ouch! I can feel the pain when I sit on a hard-surface chair! Try to guess???
=.= there is a special big pimple at the special place.... aiyo... it's on the external left surface, not internal one lar... I guess I still have to suffer for few days more~~~~
I have to sit down slowly and with a special style... so that the momentum and the force won't hurt the acne!

other than this pain.... I was having PMS = Premenstrual Syndrome for the past week...

Most women experience mild symptoms of bloating, fatigue, breast tenderness, swelling, headache, backache, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, acne flare-ups, and food cravings around a week before menstruation. However, if you have PMS, these symptoms affect your daily activities and relationships.
The symptoms of PMS are not just physical, but emotional and mental as well. These additional symptoms can include nervousness, depression, irritability, anger, agitation, mood swings, crying spells, decrease in sex drive, confusion, difficulty concentrating, and forgetfulness. You may feel overwhelmed and unable to control your feelings and reactions to people and situations. Symptoms may begin as much as 14 days before your menstrual period begins, but most commonly occur 7 to 10 days before.

seems like, I was having most of the symptons -- those words in Bold & non-Italic above.
so... maybe that special acne show up as one of symptoms? hmm... I felt so sleepy two days ago... so that was also a PMS huh?.... and, I was busy searching for food too! ...!
Anyway, actually I was rid of the PMS since this morning,... and yes, I have no more PMS but M.P. -- Menstrual Pain ... lo....
Thank God that 'my aunty has finally come to visit me. She does not come in time this time, but comes late about half month!'

My periods are quite irregular these few months, why why why???? So, I tried to think of the causes that might lead to the irregular menstrual cycle...
I am searching the informations and the causes of irregular menstrual cycles while I'm writing this post. And yes, I found an article that gives me the answer I'm searching for!

Why does being stressed cause irregular periods?
When we are stressed, regardless of the source (danger, personal relationships, work, environment) our adrenal glands are designed to secrete the hormone cortisol. Cortisol has a direct impact on the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA. Eating disorders, dieting, drug use, and reliance on stimulants like caffeine and alcohol are also interpreted by the body as kinds of stress. Poor nutrition seems to physically change the proteins in the brain so they can no longer send the proper signals for normal ovulation.

ooopss! I had been drinking coffee for the whole last month! Almost everyday a cup! @@
Seems like it's the main source of the stress that cause my irregular periods...
sigh, my dad have been advising me not to drink coffee so often, or I should not drink at all actually... but I couldn't control myself, the aroma of the coffee is so tempting, even though there was nobody drinking coffee nearby me, I would still able to imagine the aroma!
Maybe it's so called addicted... lolz

Luckily, I stopped drinking coffee few days ago, and I could do it because I wanted to save myself from the slight sore throat I had... haha....
but I'm still thinking & imagining the aroma of the coffee everyday!
I can't imagine how suffering are the drug addict and also the smokers without those drugs... sigh, that's why, we shouldn't ever try these drug, because you will definitely fall into the trap, and you may be trapped forever!!!!

many people said I looked pale.....


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