Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The New Head Prefect

This morning, a very formal assembly was held, specially for the School Prefect. The 2005/2006 prefects retired and the new batch 2006/2007 prefects took over the responsibility. So, the new Head Prefect was chosen, as usual, is a He, a lower 6 student.

Since our school started to have form 6, the Head Prefect would be chosen from form 6 students. (last time was chosen from form 5 students).
First batch was abang Sathya (my senior), then my batch was Vinod, and my junior that was chosen is Tan Wen Han who comes from L6A!
*quite funny, Sathya was from Bio class, Vinod is from Physics class, and Wen Han is from Art class... take turn? haha...*

When this new head prefect was asked to make a vow, something funny happened... he said the year wrongly, he should say 2006/2007, but he said 2005/2006, then when he realised that, he said, "ah, soli" and changed to the correct one. At that moment, I think there was nobody could stand to be not laughing at all.... my friend told me, she saw even the Headmistress was also burst into laughter!

Well, although in fact, from what we heard, he could not pronounce Malay words accurately, and that's also one of the factors that made us felt like laughing.... I actually quite respect him, he's not bad; he could memorize all of the speech and said the vow prepared without any reference (it's quite long).

He said the year wrongly, most probably affected by the speech given by Vinod before him.. and one thing, he's very polite (from what I observed).
*but the ability to memorize alone is not enough to make one a good leader*
So, jia you lor, my junior, although I actually don't know you... haha...

oh ya, start from today, the fellow prefects have to wear the special tie instead of the school's green tie! Guess what's the colour of the tie? Lolz...
it's dark brownish red colour!
seems so unmatch huh?!


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