Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Cut My Finger O.o

Nothing special happened in these days..... yea sure... because I was (and am) staying at home only..... other than home, the 2nd place I would be found was (and is) my mum's bookshop.
aih... what to do, I cannot be playful anymore! I don't think I will be able to finish the books by the trial exam!

oOps, forgot to mention, there's a special happening -- I cut my finger just now...

lolz.... don't worry, I'm not cutting my own finger purposely, I've not yet reached the crazy stage for just staying at home, it was just an accident, I'm still normal.... muahaha

That accident occurred while I was cutting the sweet potatoes into smaller pieces and mixed with the mung bean to cook 'mung bean soup' 绿豆汤.....

*hey, now only I know how to call 绿豆 in english! it's mung bean... after I searched in the internet for more than 10 minutes..... =.=" sigh.... so stupid I am......*

Still remember, during this holiday last year, I was having a trip to Fraser's Hill with my fellow classmates to catch insects for biology project! haha.... was having fun there, all of us do hope we can have a trip like that again!

Well, I'm dreaming again..... haha....


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