Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Live Telecast

hey rockz~~ I've just finished watching the Summer Live Concert~~ yoyoyo...

oh, Gary 曹格 yeah yeah... what a nice song, you are my superwoman! "Superwoman"
His singing skill is so good!

Daniel Lee, seems like he has improved his singing skill too... not bad not bad, and he will be performing at Genting Highland tomorrow too, for My FM's anniversary celebration~
aiks, Winson 温胜光 had just sung for such short while only ... he's so handsome and good too! hehe.. I prefer him to John, although he's not the winner of the Project Superstar =p

Nicholas Teo 张栋梁, wow... he was sweating lot while singing (although actually not only him but almost every performer sweated a lot!)... haha... his singing was nice too, hey seems like every Malaysian singer can sing well on the spot! *clap hands*
so, not forget about 林宇中, another Malaysian singer who is so popular now... of course he was not bad too, but he couldn't dance and his songs were not rocks lar...

Energy, the group that can dance well... they are the first ones sang in this live performance... 某年某月某一天~

JJ's perfomances were good, and he had invited one girl to be his 5-minute girlfriend...haha... he held her hand while singing the song -- "Sarangheyo, 只对你说" ! oh... other girls who are his fans surely hope that they were that girl!

Pity Justin 侧田, during the time he wanted to sing 命硬, there occured the technical problems... what a bad luck for him, because the problems had only happened during his show time!
He's the HongKong singer, a talented one~ Many of his cantonese songs are very nice ^^

for Jang Nara, she had sung 2 korean songs (if not mistaken) and also a mandarin song. aiks, we couldn't really hear what she sang... because she couldn't pronounce the words accurately ~ anyway, she is pretty ~ and her korean songs are not bad lar

Landy 温岚,she can dance very very well by shaking her butts, her well-known dance -- 电臀!However, compared to the one she performed during the Final of Project SuperStar, I think that one was better than this time, maybe the cloth she wore this time was not so suitable ~

Rainie 杨丞琳 is cute indeed, a.k.a the "hierarch of cuteness" 可爱教主 .. haha... totally she had sung 4 songs ~ 暧昧 the best huh?

5566... err... there were only 3 of them (original number of people should be 5), as all know, they always don't sing well on the spot.... haha... and when they want to dance while sing, they will not sing on the spot, which mean they are kinda pretending they are singing while the song we could hear is actually broadcasted from the CD! Well, I am not really sure they did so just now in the live show, but ... it might be yes....

Overall, it was not bad... although I've used 3.5 hours to watch this live show!
ahaha... how about my study?



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