Friday, August 11, 2006

2006年夏日 8°演唱會

oh... tomorrow night remember to switch on the tv at 8.30pm and watch the 2006年夏日8°演唱會[現場直播]SUMMER LIVE CONCERT 2006 "LIVE TELECAST" @ 8tv ~
The singers who are going to perform are 张娜拉、杨丞琳、5566、Energy、温岚、侧田 Justin、张栋梁、曹格、JJ 林俊杰、林宇中、Daniel 李吉汉、《绝对Superstar》四强 - John 黄俊源 、Des 陈诗莉、Winson 温胜光以及Mei Siim 云镁鑫 !

Quite a lot of the stars right? I've never been to any live concert till this moment, since there is the live telecast, why not I take the chance to watch? Actually watching the telecast at home is better than watching at the scene, because we don't need to stand there and crowd with so many people and can't really see clearly.... instead, at home we can sit on the comfortable sofa, and can see clearly the face of the singers =p

However, definitely I will go if I have the chance to attend the event ~ although it's crowded, but the atmosphere there is surely hot & more enjoyable~ totatally different from watching at home...
In fact, to attend this concert, we just need to redeem the tickets, it's free! Free admission.. but it's far away from here, it's at Teluk Danga, Johor Bahru!
So, for us, it's impossible to go there just to watch a show at this "crucial time"...

other than this Summer Live Concert, there are lots of other concerts going to hold recently! Another big event -- My Fm (the no.1 chinese radio station in Malaysia = my favourite radio station) is going to celebrate its eighth anniversary 台庆 @ Genting Highland on this coming Sunday...
Hope that I will have the chance to go next year ~~


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