Thursday, August 17, 2006


Got back my monthly test's result slip yesterday:
Pengajian Am.....A- : 3.67
Chemistry............B- : 2.67
MathematicsT....B- : 2.67
Biology...............C : 2.00
CGPA = 2.75

haiz..... drop again right.... again, I got points lower than 3.00, this is the second time...
well, it's monthly test... well, forget about it... aim at Trial Exam!
20 days to go.... and 89 days to STPM...~
A good news is I've reduced my online activities... and have become more hardworking... of course I should be like this! aiyo.... if not, 100% I will be regret in future.... although I still can't concentrate 100%, at least I'm trying to work hard, hehe....

wow, just now during recess, about 9 of us were having our 'special nasi lemak' bought by Ning. "We made our order yesterday", and she went to buy them at this early morning from 'pasar' before going to school =p
We had fun eating together... haha... ~~ If I'm not mistaken, the lower 6 students had brought their mee cup once and also the hot water, and ate mee cup together in canteen too... quite a number of them, not one or two!.. lolz~ quite a spectacular scene huh....

Both my class and physics class have started our Mathematics T revision, our teacher is now helping us by giving us questions to do chapter by chapter ~
Besides maths, we're going to finish our chemistry syllabus by tomorrow, the Thermochemistry. We (2 classes combined together) had had 5 periods of chemistry on last Tuesday, and the same will be happening tomorrow... @@"
5 periods = our brains would become saturated = tiring too..
by the way, we are using some periods to do an experiment of chromatography tomorrow.
(yes, my class had done this experiment before for biology, but these 2 are not identical experiments.)
anyway, thanks to our chemistry teacher for 'belanja' both of our classes each of us a bar of kitkat & also some sweets! haha...

The subject -- Biology, is the only subject as mentioned before that we still haven't finished syllabus. 3 more chapters to go.... although he'd skipped much, by asking us to read on our own... but we are still unable to finish! hmm.... seems like he will be skipping more and more, 'read on your own'.... but, it's true that we need to study on our own, we can't rely on teacher to memorize the facts etc....

For this coming Sunday, I think most probably(90%) I will be going to watch! hmmm...
tomorrow is the last day of schooling.... we have one week holiday ~ it will be the best time to study???
---- busy life -----


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