Sunday, August 13, 2006

MPO Open Day

click to view in bigger size, or just click the URL below:

and to those who want to go, please read the policies first... such as dress code etc.. quite strict I think:

May has just invited me to go along with them to join this event, with free admission.... what a good opportunity to watch the orchestra performance live!
It will be held on this coming Sunday, 20th August at Dewan Filharmonic Petronas (situated at the heart of PETRONAS Twin Towers, is the country's first dedicated classical music hall).
I like to listen to this kind of music, so comfortable... and nice... ~

That day is one of the day during our school holiday, but it's also the crucial time for us to study for trial exam..... should I go??? sigh.... I am desirous to go, aiks... but if I go, my parents might be unhappy as I've promised them before that I would not be going out at this crucial period... oh... ok, let me think about it....

Is anyone reading this interested to watch the live orchestra? If I'm going, maybe we can go together.. haha...


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