Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Clock Tower of SMKTE

30.08.06 is a meaningful day for every upper 6 students of SMKTE.....
Other than the annual pre-Independence-day celebration, we had an opening ceremony of the Clock Tower built by most of the upper 6 students 2006!

I admit, I didn't contribute much in this Clock Tower project, I'm quite regret for doing nothing, other than supplying "Vitamin M" worth RM20 to this clock tower which is so little little..............
The Project Manager is Lok Choon Long, the U6S2 physics student. He's capable indeed! The whole plan was done by him, including designing of electronic parts etc..... !! A lot of sacrifice had been made too.... study, sleep, Blood, Sweats, stress, ways to solve the problems, money matters.........
He deserves the enthusiastic applause from all of us! *clap hands!!* You've done such a good job! We are proud of YOU! And because of you, we as the members of upper 6 batch 2006 do feel proud too! hehe

I want to say thank you to all of the members who had contributed their energy in the 'making' of this clock tower, and also to those who had given moral supports and the "Vitamin M" $$
I think, those who had really put in much effort would feel extremely happy, a relief and very contented for making a success of this big project. I didn't feel that because I didn't involve myself, didn't put in any hard work.... so, I'm regret!

Back to the opening ceremony, it should be held at about 9am which was right after the Merdeka Celebration. However, the weather was not good, it started raining after the Merdeka Celebration! sigh.... because of rain, we had to postpone the ceremony........

At about 12.30pm, the ceremony was held at school Canteen, it was still raining, all of the sixth form students attended this event. Khoo was the emcee, Choon Long as the project manager, the Headmistress and "Naib Yang Dipertua" of PIBG had given speeches..... wow... our Headmistress had even shed tears of happiness after giving speech! Well, I guess she was touched by our 'result', and was too happy to have us as her students, muahaha =p
Other than her, Choon Long had shed his tears of happiness too! Did anyone see this? hehe.....

*This project was started since May and was finished by August*
*"Vitamin M" = money, was mentioned by Khoo, and I've just plagiarized his word*
*I'm so forgetful.... sorry to my friend, I didn't do what I've promised her because I've forgotten about it...*



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