Monday, August 28, 2006

4th of September

Today is the first day of school reopen after a week-long holiday.
And.... we were told a bad news -- our trial exam has been brought forward, from 6.9.06 to 4.9.06 !!!
well, 2 days only though... but... sigh..... we have only one week, 7 days (ngam ngam hou) time to study ....
However, if I'm not mistaken, we will only sit for Mathematics T paper 1 & 2 next week.

Got a news from my net friend, the students from Kedah had already sat for their trial exam by the last holiday! Oh!!!

Quite many of my friends are sitting exams at about the same time with us.... and my younger brother who is studying at Tafe College currently is taking his second semester exam.

* to my form 6 seniors, teacher had just told us today that you all can go to school to take your original STPM result slip now*


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