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You & Me, Prom Night SMKTE 2006

haha... sorry for late updates... about PROM NIGHT!

24th June 2006

I went to set my hair at about 1.30pm at a saloon nearby FRIM with Ching, May & Nee. Before that, I had taken about one hour to put on nail polish, haha... it's because this was my first time to give a try on doing this, on my own...
So, We had wasted much time at the saloon as there were so many people, and by paying RM20 (yes, it only cost me RM20!!!), that aunty helped me to set a very nice hairstyle! oh yes, I like it very very much!
*by the way, that aunty was very arrogant actually, she didn't want to have any comment from me, she just wanted me to tell her what kind of dress I was going to wear, and also wanted to have all hair to tie up or half half... *
Then, we were rushing home to put on make up... like last year, my aunt helped me to do so.. hehe, thanks to her so that I wouldn't need to pay!

At first, I planned to go-off at 4.30pm, but you know lar... girls would have to take long time to dress ourselves... haha... then... lor.. besides, my "driver" also came late to fetch me... although came late, but he still had to wait for us for more than 10minutes... lolz
He is CKY, my senior.. thanks to him for willing to fetch us, but it's good for him also, 3 leng luis (Ching, Jin & I) went to the prom night by his car wor... happy leh?!

We reached Eastin Hotel @ PJ @ 5.30pm. oh... Most of the juniors in charged of the prom night had already reached there.. oo.. not bad not bad...
hoho... I was so happy to hear compliments! There were quite many people praising me, leng lui wor.. hehe...
*however, there are 2 kinds of people here, first is like me, will only look better after putting on make ups, but look very ordinary without it; second type is, look better without any make up, natural beauty!... and of course there are also people that look pretty with or without make up lar..*
*Pity me, I would still have to collect money at this time, what to do.. this is the job of being a treasurer!*
*for this prom, most of the 'on-the-spot works' were in charged by lower six students, including the emcees*

We, the early birds took the chance to take as many photos as possible before the event started. Everyone had to register themselves before entering the ball room, and each of them would get a doorgift -- some sort of keychain to hang on handphone with a lucky number attached to it... while every committee member would get a "brooch", to show that we are the ones.

at about 7pm, we had a 'grand entrance' of committee members, one by one from the lower post to the president... I walked with Hoon, as both of us didn't have a partner; our song was 'time of our lives' by Il Divo & Toni Braxton (chosen by me, yes, it's the World Cup theme song)

the funniest part was the introduction of Arun, who accompanied by two guys (Ken Fai & Vinodthren).... the song they chose was a mix of cartoons' and christmas..lolz.. and they walked with slow motion and they wore a pair of sunglasses!
*hey, pity Arun, he had no partner wor... Last year, Neo as the president had 2 leng luis as his partners!*

Right after that, a speech was given by Arun as the president. Followed by it was the introduction of the Host and the Prom King and Prom Queen Nominees.
PromKing nominees -- two upper six students (Shi Sheng & K7), a lower six student (Wei Lip) &
Prom Queen nominees -- two upper six students (Jin & Hoon), a lower six student (E.Mei Kuan)

After that, there was a performance -- a drama... eh.. I had to say, it's kinda boring. Actually it's not bad lar.. just that they presented it in a not-so-interesting way.
The story was about an interview, asking question to those 'famous people in the world', but they answered with nonsense etc... and at the end, it happened so because those people came from the 'mental house' a.k.a Tanjung Rambutan!

After that, there was a slide show of the activities/happening of our form 6 life, such as Sport's Day, Teacher's Day, Trips to Parlimen & Royal Mint, Trip to Penang, Trip to Fraser's Hill, Orientation of Lower Six, etc.....
It's not so boring... luckily we insisted to have this slide show (thank to God that we'd rented a projector)! It made us to flash back, thinking back these sweet memories... yes, we have had many happy memories during our form 6 life! (haha, sound like I'd graduated.. lolz)

At about 7.45pm, the eating session started... we had international buffet as our dinner. All of the committee members were sitting at VIP tables, and we were served there too... haha...
*I really felt sorry to my own seniors... I do treat you all as my seniors but not outsiders... sorry, I know how did you all feel! It's my fault for didn't remind them to set up a VIP table for you too.. *
there were some singing performance during the eating session... eh... I know it's not a very good performance though... sigh...
Then, there was the first lucky draw session too. It's indeed a very special "lucky draw"!
For those who were so lucky to be drawn by the host, they would have to do something else according to the lot they drew on their own, such as dancing with someone else or some "punishments".

The next happening was the performances by Prom King & Queen nominees.

K7 and Hoon sang a song respectively (yo, Hoon, your singing was so nice!); Jin was playing violin (hey, you are so talented! Everyone agree to that, okay? We love you! muakcs~); and the others had a cat walk together... and everyone of us had a chance to vote for our favourites.

Game 1 started after that. We all were required to search for a brown envelope under our chairs. Those having it had to go up to the stage to join the game. They had to be tied a rope around their waist with a banana at the end of the rope, and then they had to shake their bodies so that the banana would be moved to push the egg on the floor. It's an 'egg' race.. haha... No present was given to the winner oh...

Next, it was a ballroom dancing! oh.. what a romantic session.. you could see there were so many couples! and while dancing they were doing "something" else! eh... at first, I was so boring sitting there with my gal friends, as all of us didn't have a partner, and we were waiting someone else to invite us for a dance... haiyo.. after waiting for a long while, finally someone came.. hehe..

CKY was the first one who invited me. After him, I had chances to dance with other guys -- Neo, Rainer, Mak & Papa (Siva). However, those guys and I were chatting nonstop while dancing.. lolz.. we are not couples mar... so we kept chatting lor... hahaha.. Siva was last year's treasurer, so both of us were talking about money matters... !
okay, thanks to you guys for inviting me for a dance! I'm happy that I was not alone all the night.

Game 2, I was involved in that session! I was called to go up the stage, to play the game, to pass the seaweed by using mouth from one person to the next one! Okay, no 'accident' happened luckily... but the one beside was a girl, no harm~

There was another game conducted after this, 3 bears were throwing here and there while the music was going on... when the music stopped, the one holding the bear would have to go out. They would have to draw a lot, and be punished according to the one written in the lot...
e.g: a guy was punished to kiss the forehead of a girl! (okay, it's still acceptable right?)

The second lucky draw session was held after singing performed by "choir". At about 11pm, the "awards" was hosted by Khoo. I was awarded as 'the best dressed female'! eh.. I was very happy for that of course... But.. Do I deserve to get the best dressed? hhmm....
"the best dressed male" was given to Fadzil;
"The best couple" was awarded to K7 & HSY;
"the cutest" was Hoon; "the best alien" was Shirish, our senior (sorry.. I was worried that my seniors would think we really treated them as outsiders... sorry!);
"the best single" was Ken Fai....

Eh... personally, I don't think K7 and his partner deserved to get this award... =p
er... for this session, I think most of us were not satisfied... because the selections were not done on the stage, but by the committee... but I was not involved oh... if the selections were done by involving everyone, it would make the atmosphere to get hotter (hmm.. I think there are some grammar mistakes here...)

so.. the Prom King & Prom Queen finals... Hoon was the Prom Queen; while Kesavan was the Prom King..... about this selection, nothing much was done other than their simple performances..... sigh... it should be the most interesting event though.....

There was a ballroom dancing once again!... then followed by the "Paraya Dance"... it's sort of Disco dance.. everyone was getting so 'high' that time... hot hot hot.. shake shake shake... yoyoyo.. haha.. Siow Teng, Sook Nee & I were dancing nonstop with others, too 'hot' lar.. with those hot songs... wow.. like 'go go go ! ale ale ale!'.. hahaha.. now got worldcup mar...
By the way, not everyone likes this kind of dance, although majority did enjoy it =p

The grand prize of lucky draw -- DVD player was brought home by Saktiganesh, my assistant, the vice treasurer! He was really lucky man....

so the Event ended at about 12.30am. Everyone took the chance to take photos...
After reached home, I was not willing to take bath immediately.. lolz.. because I like my hairstyle so much! I took photos (selfsnap) until the camera was running out of battery.. geee...

Overall, this prom night was still okay, so so only lor.......... it was a 'cold' one I know, not 'hot' enough......
I personally was not really satisfied with some parts... I felt really sorry to everyone who attended this event for making you all felt disappointed. I represent the whole sixth form society members to apologize! Sorry... it was indeed our faults!
* I think the food was still acceptable right?
* there are about 160 people attended this prom, thanks to you guys! Your presence had made the event more meaningful!
* seniors that present were Neo, Sivaraj, Mak, CKY, Kean Wah, LWL & Shirish.



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