Friday, June 09, 2006

Football Madness

The FIFA World Cup kicks off today and it will last for a month long with 64 matches!
well, I'm definitely not a football fan. Most of the guys will most probably become panda for chasing after every football match in the midnight.

June will be a very busy month. This World Cup will affect much on the mood of men, they will prefer staying at home or hang out with their gang at mamak stall to watch football match. So, it's better for women not to disturb them, they won't want to go out~
Actually, functions shouldn't be held within this month... but... so bad... my school's prom will be on 24th June! And as I know, there will be a football match at 11pm on that day.... =.="
It might affect the attendance huh? Hope I'm thinking too much... haha

Today morning, I was listening to My FM, and that hour was specially for audience to call in to give any opinion / experience about this World Cup. One of the woman told about her personal experience during last World Cup, she was having her wedding night at hotel on the day of Football Final Match! So, the attendance was more or less affected. She herself and her husband are football fans~ There was something funny incidents happened during the 'cutting cake ceremony', but I had forgotten the exact story told by that audience. If not mistaken, her husband had spoiled the cake when he cut the cake as he was so excited after hearing the result of the final match that time.

Recently, there are many discussions about the effect of this World Cup, e.g: gambling, the marriage problem... oh.. why do marriage problems occur?
hmm... it's because woman would be unhappy with husband being indulged in watching football match until forget/unwilling to do his duties. Personally, I think it's okay to let guys to watch football matches and do not disturb them as long as they are not going over the border, because there is only a World Cup once in a 4 years.
By the way, there is nobody a die hard football fan in my family... haha... although my youngest brother likes to play football. So, this World Cup brings no effect (maybe a little) on my family =p
But.... will it affect my prom night ( )? hmm.....


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