Monday, June 19, 2006

3rd Day of Orientation of Lower Six 2006

18.6.06 Sunday
Like yesterday, after registration, we had to do exercise~ then breakfast~

At about 9am, a LDK started -- Blind & Speechless. This was a special one. The group leader was required to shut up his/her mouth by tying a piece of cloth around; while the other members needed to be blind folded; and... the group leader couldn't touch the members at all, he/she could only make some sound by clapping hands etc to guide them, and couldn't speak any!
So, imagine how they were going to communicate with each other! hoho... this LDK was created to test their communication between group members! We didn't give much time to them to discuss about the communication ways they wanted to use.

Overall, my group did quite badly, first, the group leader didn't communicate that well with the members before that; second, the main factor, the first member who was in the group leader position at that moment was not helpful at all, she didn't tell out the situation she was in. When I asked her about this problem, she said because the one behind her was an Indian, so she couldn't speak in Chinese! oh my... aiyo... she meant she could only give command/ tell better in Chinese so she seldom talk to let others know what she was facing!

This LDK didn't finish as planned. As we were out of time already, the game had to be stopped on the half way...woo.... it's quite unfair we knew, but we had to rush for the next one. If not mistaken, the first group was the only group which finished the whole dangerous "journey", and so they were more dirty compared to my group. If you ask juniors about SMK Taman Ehsan, they would say, hey, my school is actually a jungle! lol... I could still remember my senior did ask me some sort of this question after orientation last year.. haha.. because there are many trees in school compound.

Juniors were waiting "in the dark" & preparing themselves for this exciting activity~!

see these "criminals"! Kesiannya..... Flour... Water... "Longkang"... Seniors... "Jungle"

Another type of "jungle"!

Longkang again... and "jungle", and Water Gun!

We gave juniors a very short while to clean themselves (it was really a very short while, and that's why some of them were complaining..), and also to change their sportswear to tidy school uniform. Next, it's the Majlis Kebudayaan held in the so called "school hall" @ block E.
Every group presented a drama with the duration of about 10minutes. We all had had a lot of fun during this LDK! The most impressive drama was the one about a teenager who is a deformity, the one acted as the deformity a.k.a the Cacat Boy was really good in acting! My group did a good job too!

the scene of action, of the drama "cacat boy" who has become quite famous to everyone of us now!

After all of the groups did their performance, oh yea... it's our time! We had prepared ourselves to perform actually (we had just prepared what topic what we wanted to present..), but we acted like we (the Facilitators) were forced to perform suddenly and had to prepare ourselves in one minute time... !! muahah... well, in fact we did the drama spontaneously too, without a detailed story line.
The story was about "interviews for selecting AJK of sixth form society", few of us planned to act students with special different characteristics and most of the us had successfully made all to burst into laughter, especially May who acted as a girl who likes to laugh anytime anywhere... too bad that few of us (included me) were not allowed to perform as we were out of time again.

so, we only started to have our lunch at 2pm today, yo.. so hungry... by that time, most fo the facilitators (us) had already changed our sportswear into uniform too~
*we wore our sixth form society T-shirt during orientation hehe... okay, it's the only chance we could wear to show off because we had just got it on Friday*
*most of our juniors were lack of sense in handling their own toilet, sigh... we could see used tissue papers everywhere, and some of them had even used their leg with shoe to press the flush button! etc...

Once again, because we were out of time, we had to cancel an activity scheduled after this. We gathered at Astaka, and then.. juniors were asked to make some contribution to school -- to clean the school compound such as wash the toilets, pick up the rubbish, clean the corridors etc.
It was raining heavily that time, yes, it's the raining season now.

After that, the last activity, the award ceremony at the "school hall". We scheduled to let them to go home at 4pm, but once again... our activity last until 5.30pm! haha... everyone was having lots of fun during these 3-day orientation programmes! hehe

*they are still chasing after every senior to get signatures now*
*some of them still dislike Khoo, or maybe even hate him*
*We have to attend classes too on Monday, that means we have no much time to rest at all...*
*it's really tiring, but... we have had a lot of fun indeed! I didn't regret to come for these 3 days and became a "faci kumpulan"! I enjoyed myself very much with my group ^_^ *
*thanks to everyone who had attended this orientation which made this event a success, either the upper six students who came willingly to help or those lower six students who had been forced to come, I wish all of them did feel great during these days!
*the third day was the most happy day, as the performance were so entertaining =p

What I get: the friendship between juniors & seniors.



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