Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Busy with PROM

hey... yesterday's date was 20.06.2006~!
oh yea.... double 2006!

any special meaning? no lar... just a special date.. lol

by the way, I didn't celebrate Father's Day last Sunday, it was just a normal family day... as I get older, I am no longer that close to my dad... sigh.... physically especially... lolz... By the way, my dad and I still chat together always lar... hehe... I love my dad of course!

Hey, to my friends out there, have you registered yourself to join our prom night?
I'm glad that many of my ex-classmates of 5Mulia 2004 are coming to this prom! oh yea.. thanks!
the only bad thing is, very very few of my seniors are coming! sigh... they don't want to join us... T_T" we really need their help lar........... ah..... sigh.....

I'm busy with money matter & Prom Night everyday now... I don't have any mood to study or pay attention during classes!
To whoever still want to join us, you can still tell me by Thursday (22.6.06)! I know there are quite many people wondering the exact number of people joining our prom, what I can tell is, it's more than 100... haha



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