Saturday, June 17, 2006

1st Day of Orientation of Lower Six 2006

hmm.. I have juniors, those lower six students.... but, yes, I didn't know many of them... so...

16.6.06 Friday
After school, the Orientation started at 2.30pm at Astaka. Almost everyone was wearing the tidy school uniform except few had changed to the sportswear. Registration was in charged by the related AJK to take the attendance of Upper six students & Lower six students. The attendance was still okay but we are really disappointed to those who had promised to attend but then absent.

A speech was given by Mr.Cheng afterwards (it should be actually given by the Headmistress but once again... she was not in school!), and surely also that lower six students couldn't escape from scolding (talking not so nicely) by the commander of the orientation -- Khoo, the vice president of our sixth form society. hoho... he was really very fierce, but what to do... his job was to be a strict and fierce person, which would make people to hate him.. pity lar, except they can understand all the things at the end.

Next, it's the time for lucky draw! oh... lucky draw here means, each of the junior had to draw a lot to determine which group they were going to join. I was one of the Facilitators who take care of a group. The group I was taking care of was Group 11, the last group. Our job as a "Faci Kumpulan" could be described as 'a hen take care of her chicks'... so, we had to control them, try to help them by giving some ideas and advices, besides observing their attitude & commitment to the team and their team cooperation.

If not mistaken, every team/group consists of 8 people. After forming groups, 'faci' and the group members stayed together, to get to know each other, to choose a group leader too. "My group" (means the group I was taking charge of) had choosen a girl from L6S1, Elizabeth to be the leader. Surely, I was the one to aid them in the selection... aiyo... all was pushing the job to each other, they didn't dare to take the challenge to be the group leader, they were really lack of confidence! (btw, I would be the same if I was in the same situation, last year the same too.. lolz).

From the moment the Orientation programme started, there was another game/system -- monopoly. Every group had to earn RM500 per day to pay for the "rental" (so called..) by tender for the jobs offered by the auctioners (AJK). The currency we all were using was RM, but the notes were fake of course, they were the modified photostated copies of RM50. So, the minimum value was RM50.
To get the job to earn money, they had to offer as low price as possible plus few extra jobs added by themselves to the auctioners. The auctioners would choose the favourite one which brought the maximum advantages, such as pay RM50 to the related group for serving seniors for breakfast, add on the extra jobs offered by group, e.g: wash a car and a toilet. About 25 of the tenders had been going on auctions.

this is the group I took charge of... they are... Elizabeth, Qian Gian, Chee Siong, Azardean, Kah Loong, Yuan Ming, Kalaiarasi & Pey Yun

Hoon's group.... all of the groups were sitting on the ground of astaka in a circle, to get to know each other and to discuss....

Pictionary was the only one LDK for today. L.D.K = Latihan Dalam Kumpulan
Each of the group was given 3 elements, i.e: hibiscus, lion & criminal; with a title: How to reduce crime. Groups were given 30 minutes to discuss among members to create a new product/mechanism/story by using those elements only to 'reduce crime'. Besides, they had to draw the diagram of their product and create a group cheer based on the title too! After that, they would have to do presentation in English in front of all, and the one to do presentation was randomly picked from the group members.
However, "my group" and some of the groups didn't do the presentation as the time was not enough. We had 'released' the lower six later than the time promised in the letter, from 6pm become almost 7pm... haha....
My group's name was Hilinal, with the group cheer -- Got Hilinal, No Criminal ~ =p

Feedback, some of them felt that this LDK was a bit boring, but it needed them to think a lot.
oh ya, the title of the mechanism(etc..) had become their group name; and the diagram had become the group logo.
Anyway, it wasn't a big deal as during the 3 days of orientation, they seldom use the logo or the group name, and also the group cheer.
and yes, it's quite unfair as not every group did it.



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