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2nd Day of Orientation of Lower Six 2006

17.6.06 Saturday
Early in the morning, it's 6.45am where everyone needed to gather and register themselves at school canteen. Aiyo, some of the fellows absent without notifying us again! Ok, those are irresponsible ones.

Firstly, we did exercise together, including "Faci Kumpulan"! Aiks... it had been a long time I didn't jog! Then, every people was given an egg, it's a "amanah" for them. So, they had to treat the egg as their baby, they had to take much care of the egg. Once one of the member's egg broken, it's considered as the whole group broken too. They had to carry the egg the whole day, and they were warned not to trust anyone so that the egg would not be broken by others!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8~ shake your butt~ exercise lor.. see me? the very first one at the left


*In this orientation, they had to obey the "survival rule", any one of the member of the group fail to do the mission given etc, the whole group would be punished.
*When we warned the lower six, there is A joke here: don't break your egg! haha.. Can you see the meaning behind the words? !! Especially to guys!

Next, it's breakfast time -- nasi lemak ~ Each group had its own table, they had to bring their own plate & cup to take the food & drink one group by one group, served by the group got the tender. While all of the things we Faci had to do was just to sit down and wait the group got the tender to serve us =p (so there were 2 different groups doing different jobs here). Both of the groups were also had to wash the plates and clean the canteen.

At about 9am, the L.D.K -- Treasure Hunt & Stations game started. As a Faci Kumpulan, I just needed to follow along them, and didn't need to help them; but had to rush here and there with them. There were 13 stations altogether. First group started to go to the first station, second group went to second station and so on... so my group 11 first went to the station 11.

Each station was taken charge by a facilitator (upper six student) to ask some question such as IQ's, tricks & some common sense or to do some tasks. Whenever they reach a station, they would get a piece of paper with the informations telling them the next station's location, and there was an alphabet given. They had to gather all of the alphabets and guess the correct answer, it's an anagram. At those stations, if they fail to answer, they would have to be punished too. My group members got their first punishment by applying lipstick on their lips =p hahaha.. they looked nice lar... and almost everytime they reached the next station, the facilitator there would ask about that! hehe....

The most terrible station was the last one -- station 13. Khoo was the facilitator there. Yes, almost all of the lower six were scared of him as he was really fierce. There, juniors were tested! They were asked by Khoo to take out their eggs, for signature to show to Headmistress etc.. bla bla bla... and, all group failed to pass this station once their eggs been broken except only one group survived. If they could really remember what Khoo had warned them (for many times) this morning not to trust anyone, they wouldn't show their eggs to Khoo and then being broken by him! (okay, not that kind of "egg" lar..).

So, the group I took charge of had failed the mission too... they had lost their rational thinking as it was raining hard, they just wanted to finish the game as fast as possible, they worried to run to the middle of the field, they didn't prepare to 'play in the rain'. One of the member had taken out the egg without any hesitation immediately after Khoo said so.

This "amanah" game was to test their responsibility towards the job we gave them, how did the team communicate and cooperate with each other, and did they listen to the command correctly. Almost all of the teams were scolded badly with harsh words by Khoo, and there were some of the girls crying too!

After this game, many juniors started to hate Khoo, and they complained that they took out the egg because what Khoo said sounded seriously, so they thought if they didn't take it out, they would be punished or what.... they had forgotten about the very first command Khoo gave!
aiyo, to whoever said this/angry with Khoo, I can say that he/she still don't know about the real meaning hiding behind this game! This is what we want to test! Anyway, Khoo had already expected that some of them would be angry with him. If he didn't act as a bad guy, if he didn't scold them badly, the effect we wanted would not turn up!

Luckily, there were some of them who realised about the real meaning! They went to see Khoo and told him that they had learnt the lesson, they did realise about the mistake they did, and they had even said thank you to him! Yes, this made Khoo so happy, because everything he did was deserved!

When all of the team had finished this game, they were asked to gather at Canteen. They were sitting there and discussing... It was the time for me to work as a good girl. They were feeling down because Khoo said once any of the egg broke, they were no longer a team! hoho.. it had hurted their feeling... they were thinking.... and I tried to encourage them, and explain to them about the meaning of this game.
Luckily, they didn't give up, they still have strong team spirit! wow... after shouting out their group cheer, they had become what they were! yeah... so.. as an encouragement, I rewarded them RM100. hehe... they had won some money from other facilitators too during the station games as those faci said my team was really like a team! oh yea...

Afterwards, we had our lunch.... like breakfast, there was different group got the tender to serve us too. Then, some of the groups were doing the extra jobs as they had agreed when they fight to get the tender yesterday, such as wash car.
At 2.45pm, all juniors again gathered at astaka. They were given some explanation about Majlis Kebudayaan tomorrow. 1 hour was given to them to discuss about the performance they wanted to do with the title given. My group got "Kasih Sayang Membawa Kebahagiaan".

the usual scene during orientation days... sitting on the ground of Astaka there...

Then, the next programme... was named as ... Titanic!
All of the juniors had to enter the hall and sit on the ground. They were asked to close up their eyes, with the face looking down. We had tried to make the hall to fall in silence, as silent as possible, with only Vinodthren talking alone in front of all of them, while some of the other facilitators sitting on the chairs at the two sides of Vinod, and also some of the facilitators (including Khoo, all of them were captain in the ship) sitting behind Vinod, which means in front of the juniors too. Vinod was talking slowly, trying to make all of them feeling sad. The content was about.. how we treat our parents, is what we are doing now correct? Have we neglected their feelings? etc....

I really want to praise Vinod! He had successfully made most of the juniors to feel sad and even cry (and even guys!)! He's really a good story teller! All of us, the faci were observing them all the time, as we didn't really pay full attention to what he said, we didn't feel sad like them lor. If I was sitting like they did, surely I would cry too!
By the way, actually there were some of them falling asleep~ hahaha... what to do, they were too tired, but it's only a minor part of them. So, after that more than half hour "story", the game started.

All of the juniors were the passengers on the Titanic ship, and the ship was going to sink, so they had to convince the captains to let them to be saved as the lifeboats available were limited. oh... the classroom was in the gloomy state all the time... After a long time, there were quite many juniors passed this test, they had convinced the faci /captains with their sincere heart. We didn't want to hear the craps, we wanted to know their real problems!
So, actually this titanic game was mainly funtioning as a counselling section, it's a very good progamme!
And because it took much time... the orientation today was ended only at 7pm again... haha...

all looking down, with their eyes closed... and were listening to the story told by Vinod~

yes, he's Vinodthren, the story teller! All the facilitators were sitting on the his two sides... while captains were sitting behind him.



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