Sunday, June 11, 2006

The 2nd Day Before School Reopen Again =.="

hoho... I'd just reached home one hour ago, now is 0030 (international time), 11.06.06.
I'd stayed at home for the whole day and was drawing the internal organ of dissected rat (the biology experiment report) while chatting at MSN.... lolz... and I was so bored... very wuliao ...
haha... wuliao! Believe that it was spoken by a sixth form student who will be sitting the STPM in 157 days later!

So, I pressed the numbers on the phone, to find someone to chat again, and also to ask if my friends were free to hang out~ They had changed their mind for many times! At first, they suggested to go to MidValley (at about 7pm... so late huh...) then changed to Pasar Malam of Jinjang; I didn't agree them for those suggestions as I knew my parents wouldn't allow. Then... at about 8.45pm, Nee called me and asked me to go for yumcha... lolz... Finally, my gang had decided to go to yumcha at Aman Puri...
Nee was our driver of course, she fetched May, Ching and me..... then Jin joined us there at 10pm after her dinner at a restaurant for a function. Actually, I had agreed to my mum to be back at home by 10.30pm... ahaha... it's impossible lar... and the fact was, it was one hour later than the time of agreement =p

you know lar... when 5 talkative girls (pat poh lar..) gather together.. haha... talking nonstop lor...
ah ya, there was a big screen at 999 restaurant (our yumcha spot) showing the football match of England vs Paraguay that time... I didn't watch it but busy with talking, in addition the screen was not clear enough (quite blur), I couldn't even see where's the ball was. Well, I knew the result of course... hehe... England won, ok.. with 1-0

sigh... school... reopen ... tomorrow! The drawing of the rat is not yet done... ~.~
haiz.... zzz... I will have to start my busy life again, but it's a more regular lifestyle I think. The next activity on the first weekend of school reopen, Orientation for lower six! muahaha.... and then it will be the interesting Prom Night on the second Saturday~!

*oops.. I had dranked one and a half glasses of drinks + 5 sticks of satay + some rojak.... o.O... fat fat fat... aiks... beh tahan and ate those high calories food! aiyo, I'm trying to keep my diet for prom night leh.... *


Anonymous Jeanne said...

Oh ya~
Time to "back to school" :D

June 11, 2006 7:35 pm  

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