Friday, June 23, 2006

pre-Prom Night

hey guys & gals, tomorrow.. yea.. tomorrow is the Day of Prom Night SMKTE 2006~!

so, I hope everyone of us who are going to join this Prom Night tomorrow will enjoy themselves very much... I do really hope everything will go smooth and won't disappoint my friends...
Frankly, this Prom is organised in rush... so, I hope the rush work will still turn out to be the good one! I don't want to disappoint me myself and my friends!

these days I was having mentality tortures... =.="
eh.. nothing much more than the money matter again... you know lar, treasurer 'memang' have to deal with money matters, especially in organising a quite big event...

oh ya, some of the people still don't know how to go to the Eastin Hotel... so please visit thewebsite and find the link to view the more detailed map. Generally, just drive according to the direction shown in the road sign towards Seksyen 16 PJ. sleepy! sleep earlier huh.. so that I will look pretty tomorrow =p haha



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