Friday, June 09, 2006

40 minutes of My 24 hours Today

@@ feeling .. tired now... because I'm having serious flu (ok, I know my blog readers are used to hear about my flu)... I as a clumsy girl are sneezing so frequently and so loudly =.="

I am just back from Selayang Mall. My brother had something to do there, and he was the one driving dad's car. Both of us were stuck in the traffic jam for about 40 minutes when we returned from Selayang.

You know lar, the night and the morning are the special time for traffic jam, oops.. not forget about evening too...Morning and evening are the time which office workers rushing to work; so.. how about night? It's happening every night for Kepong area, the place I am staying. The main reason is because of the closing of the well-known MRR2 Bridge.

Just now, the most affected area was Taman Daya. First, the road after roundabout to hulu kepong was closed due to some projects; Second, the exit from Desa Jaya to Kuala Lumpur was closed too.. due to the repairing of that bridge! So, everyone had to use Taman Daya as the alternative lor....

We will have to waste quite a big part of our life for the Traffic Jam!
Unless, there is one day where we don't use car anymore...


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