Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

I watched "The Da Vinci Code" just now.... hmm... how was it?
Overall, it's quite nice, but... yea... I don't understand many parts of the movie, because firstly, I didn't read its novel (if you didn't read Harry Potter but go to watch the movie, you wouldn't understand the plot so well. The same case happened now); secondly, I don't know the history of Christian etc...
I've never read the bible by the way, maybe I should try to read some to gain more knowledge huh... okay, everything is in the waiting list -- the to do list post-STPM... including "The Da Vinci Code" novel too...

I watched this movie with Danny at Midvalley; while Jin and her 3 male cousins (wah.. a girl with 3 boys.. lol) watched "X-Men, The Last Stand", at 11.40am. I was walking around alone by that time while waiting for Danny.. went here and there... then finally stayed in MPH reading some books until arrival of Danny...

I gave him a Cross Stitch Embroidery, it's a very small bag in square shape (about 7cm²­­­) with a lion cross-stitched on it. It's of hand made, by me! I did this by using the whole night time yesterday... until 3.30am... @@"
Ha! Danny kor, you treat me good so I also treat you good lor... You bought me the book (@ bookfest last week) so I made you the Lion (because he's a LEO~), nice leh that lion... you must keep it nicely or... *kill* ngek ngek

wah, it had been a long time I didn't do any handicraft.. it was one of my favourite hobby "once upon a time"

At 1.30pm, both of us went to meet with Jin & her cousins and had lunch together at Domino in rush... because our movie started at 2.10pm! Luckily, when we entered the cinema by 2.25pm, the movie hadn't started yet... wow... the advertisements took about 20minutes!
oh ya, the seats I chose were also the seats we watched Narnia last time, which also at Midvalley, but at different 'room'.
The movie was of 2hours 45minutes (according to the web reference), we finished it at about 5pm. Jin's cousins had gone back, so Jin and two of us went to play some games using tokens before going home.

aiyo, the KTM (the trains) today was having troubles... We had waited for long time, when we wanted to go Midvalley this morning & when we wanted to go home (Kepong), as usual, namely Technical Problems... bad service...
And because the time we wanted to go home was also the time people back from working, so..... there was a big crowd! As people said, 夹面包... hahaha... it's so hard to 'stuff ourselves' into the train..phew~
I'm so tired at the moment, I am lack of sleeping these days (huh... isn't it holiday now? aiks...)... I will sleep earlier today of course because I still have class to attend tomorrow morning..

em.. this was the very last meet with Danny.... wish you all the best in the coming days @ Johor.



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