Monday, May 29, 2006

Lucky "dragon"

Just now, an old couple (if not mistaken) came to my house and returned a wallet to us...
aha! The wallet belongs to my younger brother, Yu! That means he had lost his wallet but all of us didn't know about it. He's now back to Seremban's hostel. So, I wanted to call him to tell and ask him about it, but my youngest brother asked me to let him to make the call.
After that, I'd finally found out that my youngest brother had known about it since few days ago. Yu told him and asked him not to tell us....

This was the N times Yu had lost his wallet... but he's so lucky that the people picked it up was so honest and kind to return to us by driving to our house purposely according to the address in the IC! And of course, all of the things and money in the wallet are still there, thanks to the kind hearted couple!
My 'rich' aunt was the one who met with them, so I didn't have the chance to see who are they, aiya... if not, we can 'belanja' them mar.... They are of the 'rare species' in the current world, the probability to have our lost property returned is so low and yet my brother is so lucky!

My dad always asks me to be careful as he thinks 'rabbits' are very careless (as my another aunt who is also a rabbit is so forgetful and careless)...
well, seems like my brother who is a 'dragon' is more careless than me!
*the dragon & rabbit I mentioned here is "The twelve zodiac animals", e.g: people borned in 1987 is of rabbit in the Chinese Astrology*

aiks... I'm having Chemistry & Mathematics T extra classes tomorrow and on Thursday during this holiday... but there are only two days in two weeks holiday lar.. haha


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