Saturday, June 03, 2006

Real Shopping

oh... I think my gang will never go to Neway @ Berjaya Times Square to sing Karaoke in the future unless it changes its system. Now, the K-lunch package only allows us to sing from 11am to 1pm... argh, it's just 2 hours! This period of time has the cheapest package so we as students would choose this. Last time, we could sing for 3 hours with this package... sigh..
2 hours are definitely not enough for us!
My gang who sang Karaoke there yesterday was consist of Jin, Hoon, Mei Kuan (MK), Ai Feern (Feern) and me. While May was singing Karaoke with her classmates at Redbox @ Low Yat Plaza, with cheaper price and for 3 hours~!
Yea, we were unsatisfied! We want more than 2 hours! sigh... next time we would prefer to sing at Redbox!

So, my gang went to Times Square by KTM + Monorail. Luckily, there was no delay or problem occured during the ride like that day. Before going to Neway, I took my cd for photo printing at a photo shop there. Then, my gang went across to Sg. Wang for shopping....
We had shopped from 2pm till 6pm, walking nonstop, without any rest~ suffering our legs.. haha. May joined us at about 4pm. yo... 6 girls went shopping nonstop... We had almost walked the whole shopping mall ~~~
We shopped to buy our Prom Dress etc... We'd tried many dresses at many shops... but we just had a try and never bought... lolz, so bad huh...

At the end, I was the only one bought a dress and a pair of high-heeled shoes. Jin & Hoon accompanied us but they didn't try any as they had had the dress already. The dress and shoe had cost me about RM100!
* wow... it's so hard to choose the dress... I had hesitated for long time before making decision!*
@@ I had spent much money today! Around RM150..... oh my god! I'm so poor now!

In fact, other than our gang, Juin & Nong also went Sg.Wang for shopping. At first, they were with us but then they went separate to shop on their own.

Now, I had finally experienced the real shopping! It's so tiring... if there was any guy came along, he would feel super bored! haha.. we could stay more than half hour at only one shop!
By the way, if we took KTM at about 7pm, the situation would be better than the one at 5pm, we wouldn't need to crowd so hard with the office workers.

How does my dress look like? hehe... wait till the prom night then you will know~


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