Sunday, May 28, 2006

BookFest @ Malaysia 2006

today was quite a tiring day yet I felt very happy.
Jin fetched May & me to ktm station at about 10.15am. We took ktm till KL Central then changed to ride on LRT to KLCC. We then had lunch at the food court and was waiting for my kai kor -- Danny.
We took a walk around then met Ching at the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre). There is a "BookFest @ Malaysia 2006" 海外华文书市 with the theme "READ TO LEARN", held for a duration of 9 days, from 27th May till 4th June. Each person has to buy a ticket (a booklet) for RM2 as entry ticket to the exhibition.
*totally, I had come to this hall for 3 purposes, 1st - PC Fair ; 2nd - Education Fair ; 3rd - Book Fair.

We had spent the whole afternoon in the bookfest... Ching, May & Jin had their own way to search for their favourite books while Danny and I went around together.
Danny had met one of his old & close friend... while I had also met someone else -- my seniors! They were Chee Yong & Sheng Yun. yea... As I told my friends earlier, it's surely we would meet someone familiar in this bookfair.. lol.
*by the way, it's quite funny, my other seniors who visited me yesterday had just mentioned about two of them, and by today, I met them, what a coincident!

I had bought a newest edition of "Kuala Lumpur & Klang Valley" map for my dad as his Father's Day's present =p We had been searching for this book for a long time. My dad needs this map for reference as his job requires him to search the houses.... he owns a quite outdated one so a new one is in need!
Besides, I had also bought two books of handicraft, but paid by Danny... haha
Thank you... as my belated birthday present wor... lolz...
He was so caring, yea... nice kor lar... helped me to take those books too! hehe... a real gentleman! I was kinda protected by him also oh... muahaha, like a little princess ~~~ lalala
As return, I gave him a key chain, which is of a 'boy' doll. It's one of the gift given (the gifts were 2 key chains, one is a 'girl' while another is a 'boy') for applying the Popular Student Card for 3 years by paying RM15. Erm.. quite a memorable & cute gift =p
So can be said as I purposely applied the card just to get the free gifts... lolz
Danny is going back to his hometown soon and most probably won't come back in short term... as he will work at there later on... just hope that we will still have chance to meet; however, we are still able to chat online lar (it's the way I got to know him last time what...)..

There was one hour where Jin, Ching & May attended a talk given by 吴若权, a well-known writer from Taiwan. Before that, Jin went to buy one of his book there and then she queued up to get his signature! And one thing she was so lucky, while she met with Danny and me, we were talking at the corner of the hall, and suddenly that writer was just standing beside 3 of us! so, she took the chance to take a photo with him... haha, I was the one brought the digital camera (my aunt's.. that rich aunt's).... But, the photo taken wasn't that good of quality, there existed some red eye problem which is hard or impossible to remove.

We went back at about 5.00pm. We had been walking for few hours nonstop today! phew~
The best thing today, I could meet with Danny~ yeah... thanks ya kor, you are indeed a caring and nice kor, em.. that feeling is so good of having an elder brother (because I just have two younger brothers but no elder brother..)

Danny, Jin & Me ~ you see, I didn't take any books (took by Danny, see?) =p
This is the scene outside the Convention Centre, facing towards the Petronas Twin Towers.


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