Wednesday, February 08, 2012



还是写英文版本,比较快 XD

Passport Renewal

The first ever passport I owned was applied in Jun 2010, valid for only 2 years (paid RM100).
However, then only I realized if the valid period is less than 6 months, you are not allowed to go oversea actually.

I will go on a trip with my best friends soon to SG, and hence I must renew it as soon as possible.

Last week, I went to the Wangsa Maju (Sri Rampai) branch by myself. I did not know the exact location as last time was sent by my younger brother. Even though I tried to check google map before departed, since I was not familiar with that area, I used about 45 minutes to find out where is that Immigration office. I failed to renew on that day as the queue was super long while I was in rush to work also.

Then, I tried my luck today. I knew I should go there as early as possible (last time I reached there about 7am), but I was too tired to wake up that early.
Without well planning, I reached there around 9am as I kept on delaying the time to depart besides was stuck in the traffic jam around Batu Cave area.

Once reached, I was approached by an aunty offering her service to take passport size photo and to fill up the form too. Paid RM12.40 for this; and then quickly went to queue up. However, there was a security guard standing in the queue too, saying to the rest of the long queue behind him that the "nombor giliran" today already no more, and I was one of them in that queue.

At this moment, the aunty who provided the photo shooting service came to me and told me that she already communicated with a customer of her to pretend that I was his/her friend, so I could join the group of queue that was qualified to get a number. Without thinking long, I rejected her offer. I said it was okay if I could not get the number later. She was disappointed that I did not follow what she had prepared for me but wished me luck.

In fact, she was kind enough to offer this service, and in fighting against the quota set without proper information to the public at this 9.30am. This immigration office actually open until 5.30pm! However, I could not agree on jumping queue as it would be unfair to the people behind you who came earlier than you.

The queue behind me still grew longer and longer, although the guard shouted to announce about the information that we could not able to do it today for renewal or application. I think everyone thought the same with me that the guard might be just said it out to shoo people away.
He was doing his job by informing and advising the crowd to do it at Jalan Duta branch.

I was patient enough in trying luck but it was a bad news. The staffs were strict enough to stop distributing the number. Immediately, I got back to my car, checking information of the Duta's immigration office through the mobile phone online; roughly get the idea of location and checking availability by calling the branch, then rushed to that office.

Found the place easily. However, it was so hard to find parking. Finally, parked somewhere not too far, under the hot sun. Everything begun to be smooth started from this branch. The queue was not long, and just needed to use the kiosk machine.

Firstly, get a small envelope provided. Insert in One piece of passport sized photograph, a piece of photocopy IC and wrote name, IC number and mobile phone number in the detail column on the envelope. Queued until my turn to use the Kiosk. Followed all the steps appeared on the touch screen, including selecting the renewal period, detecting my old passport and IC, recognizing my thumbprint, paid the amount required like how we paid parking fees in the mall; obtained the receipt, and finished dealing with the Kiosk.

waiting... bored... online!

There was an allocated time stated in the receipt, One hour from the time of payment made, to get the waiting number for collection. Wandering around to wait for the one hour, then got the waiting number, and in around 5 minutes, I got my new passport!! hoohoo~~~

If there's something wrong of the documents submitted, then it might delay the time for the collection process; for example, using old photo. So, if you want to renew, please use the most recent photograph!

Have to praise myself for taking challenges by myself haha...
At first it was a bad day, but it turned out a good one later!
Traffic jam, failed to get waiting number after long wait, hot weather, rushed to another branch, difficulties in finding parking lot @@"

the building next to this KDN; it was a HOT day...

Today, I spent a lot for renewing this passport argh.... as I wanted to save the waiting time, I straight away renewed for 5 years! Paid RM300 for this oh.......

For your information, this Kementerian Dalam Negeri is still quite new, so maybe less people coming; while that Wangsa Maju branch is too well-known, but it did not have the Kiosk.
Also, Damansara branch had already moved to this Jalan Duta branch.

Departments available...

Other than using counter method or Kiosk, you may opt for renewing through internet, but it needs you to upload digital passport sized photograph and paid by credit card if not mistaken. It does reduce the waiting time too.

Good Luck to everyone who needs to deal with this kind of renewal process.