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First of all, I want to wish everyone Happy Rabbit Year, yes, it's my year =)
Here comes a very late review of Year 2010 after a long time of inactiveness in blogging.

Resolutions for Year 2010:
--improve my temper control even more! Although already improved, I know the sufficient level is not yet reached.
I think I had improved the EQ level for a certain period, but then recently dropped again...

--love my dear more, hehe... (I always bully him leh =.=")
I am sorry to him

--complete my FYP! with good thesis produced!
Yes, completed... not considered as good

--put more effort in study, so I can graduate with at least cgpa 3.00 (higher better la haha) Yes, I achieved 3.15

--take care of myself (I always sick?)
erm....Nope, I always sleep at very late night

--able to decide which way to go, my future... my job...
I found a job... considered achieved?

--be slimmer or at least maintain... my weight
Yes, maintained and slimmer a bit...

--do not procrastinate my work, reduce last-minute work...
I am still doing that, bad.

Now is year 2011. Last year, many things happened and changed.

My beloved grandmother had passed away; while I was still in Penang struggling with thesis.

I had completed my 3-year degree study, the course Pure Biology, major in Microbiology, minor in Management; after completed the FYP (final year project), with thesis submission and viva voce. And hence, moved back to my hometown.

I had attended the first interview on the very next day of viva in Penang, for the position of management trainee (based in Japan) of global hiring programme by U n i q l o. However, I failed.

Next, I did not work hard on hunting full-time job like my other friends. It was because I was still very blur of my direction. Should I pursue with the same field in science or change? I did not know. At the same time, I must fill up my time meaningfully, i.e. earn money while still being confused. Therefore, I searched part-time jobs through websites. Finally, I found an event job and spent the working time together with my friends happily.

At the same time, I was lucky enough to get another interview chance. My previous job application (which I failed the interview) was forwarded to another position of the same company, upon my reply through email. Oh yeah, it was similar job but based in Malaysia. I was hesitated to attend the interview or not, and luckily, I made the correct decision.

I was a lucky person. I finally had the chance to experience flight in my life lolz...
The first flight was taking Japan Airline (JAL) to Tokyo Japan! And after that, I had the second flight to Singapore and third flight to again, Japan. Most importantly, those flights were sponsored =D

In between the time I came back from Singapore and before I went to Japan for the second time, I had attended my convocation in Penang, and met all the coursemates and university friends~ The only dissapointment was that my mom did not join the event, only my dad went with me.....

Couldn't imagine that I had been to Japan... it was a precious chance given to me. Visited a few places during the off days I had in between the training. I had worked hard, and played hard!

However, the months after that were all locked in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia haha...
Busy life started with the first full time job as a management trainee in retail industry, which was totally out of everyone expectation, since my major was in science field. Yeah, life is always full of surprises, hehe...
From this job, many first-time experience I had gained. Communication and interpersonal skills are the two main challenges to deal with people. I was glad and grateful to meet my nice group of colleagues and bosses, learnt a lot from the interaction between us, and cherished the time we spent together in Singapore and Japan =)

Experienced the super busy life for the opening of the first store in Malaysia. Ups and downs experienced are unforgettable and precious.

Before the year 2010 ended, I broke up with him. It was a shocking news to many of the people around us. Sorry was the only word I could say. If want to blame one of us, I was the one. I changed my mind, I became more realistic... and I felt the distance even further...

In a nutshell, things changed drastically especially when the environment changed, from Penang to KL to abroad, and again to KL; from being a student to become an employee.

**opss, forgot to include one important thing, I had added one precious asset, that was Myvi =)


Blogger yan said...

gal, a lots of events happened in 2010. anyway, all are past tense now. wish u all the best in 2011. if u free to come penang, remember to find us. ^.^

February 10, 2011 11:04 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

en ok, thanks oh...

All the best to you too =D

February 11, 2011 2:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck elaine and you will be more happy and mature this year~

February 11, 2011 2:26 am  

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