Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro

Last Tuesday night, I was so blurred that I lost my property again.
My dearest little red Sony Ericsson W660i was left in the toilet I supposed.... and then of course when I realized like 10 minutes later, it was no longer there T_T

Still remember last time I lost my purse... it happened just suddenly... just because I was blurred also, and I did not even know where I lost it. In current case, in fact I also not sure how it happened... lolz

I am really a "big prawn head" 大头虾 !!!

What if next time I lost something even more expensive? aiyo.....

I was so down after that case, felt lost as no mobile phone to get access to people anytime. Also, my contacts and photos and some messages..... sigh, there gone my precious memory...

The next day, I casually invited Jeanne my ji mui to accompany me for "shopping". We went to Carrefour Kepong. After getting my replacement simcard, we went to hunt the suitable mobile phone.

At first, I was thinking just to get a cheap mobile phone, without touchscreen, but should have wifi. Spotted SE J10, but still being hesitated, although just RM450.
But then, felt not contented as being outdated. Many people are using iPhone oh.... but I don't think I want to use iPhone because ... dangerous! haha... too expensive for me to carry around, and being blurred and lost again ~~

When we visited the second stall, I fell in love with the SE Vivaz Pro. Although I did not like the phone with only touchscreen as it was not so convenient to use when driving (dangerous act) etc, this one come with keypad! haha... in fact it is not convenient except for frequent sms or long message to type with.

Finally, I bought this AP phone with RM750. This price was not cheap enough as I checked with pricing on internet afterwards. hmm... never mind, could not regret also. Reviews from internet are the flaws of this phone having Symbian OS instead of Android, huh... still okay for me I guess, as I don't really want to play games or install many applications.

Here goes my blackie~ my friends comment this is too man worrrrr haha
huhu... still missing my little red though ~~~~


Blogger Aaron's Heartfelt Wishes said...

what is means of Symbian OS or Android? I don't know...haha..Ya..nex time u must more careful to bring ur stuff...+ u!

September 11, 2011 7:24 pm  

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