Friday, September 24, 2010


hahaha... really a long time I had abandoned this blog, so paiseh neh....

Every time when I think of my blog, I wanted to write something, but after a few sentences, I gave up and closed the page. Haiz....

It is always true to say that being a student is far happier than being an employee =.=

Being a student, your responsibility is to study hard.
Being an employee, your responsibility is far more heavier, and not only for yourself.

Mixed feeling~

Also, you can't tell much about your company happenings because most are supposed to be confidential, unlike your own student life that can be shared to almost everyone. Oh yes, it is my own problem because others do not always share their daily life happenings like what I did.

Anyway, not everything happened was negative of course. However, those negative always overshadowed the positive ones. Still, I will think positive and increase my EQ further to higher level!!!!!

Updated info about me since the last blog post is, I experienced graduation ceremony, I had about 5 week on the job training in Japan and now working in KL Malaysia. And having stressful and busy but meaningful life.

I miss my dear... =(

Anyway, I believe I can do it~! Ganbatte ah~~~


Blogger KL村姑 said...

ganbatte ne!!!! muakkksss

September 29, 2010 12:24 am  

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