Monday, May 24, 2010

Growing Mushrooms~

hehe... long time did not update my blog again!

I am now resting at home, goyang kaki, growing mushrooms.... wake up, eat, online, eat, sleep, eat... aiyo

Yeah, I was back to KL since last Tuesday, 18th May 2010.

Thanks my dear who had accompanied me in Penang for about two weeks... he also became my 'kuli' who helped me in carrying boxes and luggages...
Although we came back from Penang to KL by only Bus, I still able to move back many things... two boxes of books and a big plastic bag including a printer! wow~~~ paiseh haha...
Also thanks my junior OZY for giving me a lift to the bus station!

That day, heavy rain had sent me away from Penang and also the heavy rain had welcomed me back to KL! My dear had become soaked through as a result of unloading my luggages from the bus in the heavy rain~ xp

Actually we could stay in Penang for longer time as I had payed the rental for May. However, we were poor enough, and had nothing special to do in Penang, hence we came back earlier than planned. With limited budget however, I had planned an One-day trip in Penang, on the 17th May 2010. It was the first anniversary of my dear and I becoming a pair of couples hehe ^_^
It was really unforgettable, and all spent within RM150 although we had also rented a car~!
I will write about the trip soon, but I had first uploaded the photos in my facebook, so you can grab a glance on those.

hmm... I no longer need to say going 'back' Penang again. As it is now not my 2nd home anymore... not feeling excited when writing this statement actually, but kinda missing Penang. Three years past fast, it ended when you was just about to cherish everything happened. Besides, I did not have chance to gather with most of the friends crazily before we got separated. We were just too busy finishing the works to fulfill the requirements in order to graduate =(

Anyway, wish my dear friends will have a bright future ahead, and hope for future gathering too!

I am still wandering around... what job suits me best? What do I WANT?
I don't know... bad and feel ashamed to say like this.
I will find it out soon.... I hope xp


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought i was mentioned in this blog"growing mushrooms"..tiada pun..=X haha..

May 27, 2010 1:02 pm  
Blogger Gogi So said...

Nice post!,,,

March 24, 2017 2:51 pm  

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