Thursday, July 15, 2010

Part-time JOBs ~!

It has been a long time I did not update my recent happenings... ever since I was back to my hometown from Penang.

Paiseh paiseh haha... now roughly summarized what I had done in the past 2 months.

Once I back to my home, I had become lazy and relaxed... busy meeting my friends etc. However, I also faced insomnia for most of the nights because I slept too late and woke up late; besides feeling stressed.

Why stressed? It was time after I had finally finished my University life, which meant I should be ready to work! Many people would like to ask me about my planning for my future. Not only me, I guess many of my coursemates and friends who have just graduated are really headache and stressful when facing this question. I tried to search jobs from jobstreet, spotted few but did not apply any. I had ever thought of working at Singapore, but was not determined enough to apply any job.

I was so confused of what field to work in, what type of job I wanted...
Then, I had decided to work part-time job while figuring out the full-time job of my interest or waiting for fortunes to come to me.
In fact, the process of searching part-time job also took a long time... and I had finally worked 3 jobs for the same agent and same client:

28-30 May 2010
at Cold Storage One Utama:

08-20 June 2010
at Cold Storage One Utama:

02-07 July 2010
at Cold Storage Subang Parade:

To me, working part-time job do bring a lot of benefits and experience:
- to earn quick pocket money
- to get to know more friends
- to learn how to deal with customers
- to improve social skill and communication skill
- to play while working hahaha
- to explore the shopping mall (if you work in a shopping mall)
- to reveal and recognize my own weakness; Next, improve myself

It was fun because I was working with some of my friends; During my second job, we went to work by car-pool and had got to know more friends~ besides working with my dear hahaha...
Third job was basically the same job as the second, but I did not manage to work all days due to some valid reasons hehe =)

I do encourage people to do part-time jobs not merely to earn money; as these do bring us precious experiences especially when we were still students, besides balancing studies with activities; it's one of the best way to gain knowledge practically and to learn important communication skills.
During the working period, I had realized much of my weakness dealing with customers... although I have not yet able to change these, I will always remind myself! hehe... I can do it!



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