Monday, May 03, 2010

I am a 5 year-old FEMALE blogger ~~~

Since I always have some random thoughts, Google is the best search engine I would always use to clear the doubts wandering in my mind. *ehem... I am not promoting google anyway*

Just now, while I was studying the last paper of my University life (not paying full attention), suddenly I thought of searching my blog URL in Google. Ah~ ha~~~ there appeared blogs that link to my blog beside my own posts... ... and I found something interesting! Please refer to the printscreen below:

The source was from the URL inside the picture. The content... was discussing about the difference between male and female bloggers; and my BLOG URL was referred as an example of female blog that was considered to talk about daily stories and things happen around "me" haha... and my posts are somehow more sentimental than those of male...

Cannot deny, I usually talk about the daily happenings... but randomly I would share some special interests and videos or songs etc! So, generally... that author was still correct lah, by using my blog as an example of female blog 0-0
Of course, because I am a FEMALE! lollllzzz

wow... although this was posted quite long time ago, back in year 2008 (oh yea, don't forget now it's already 2010), I did not discover it before this. hmm....

What does this mean? hehehe... my blog is quite "famous"? XD
I am wondering do I know the author of the blog post in person?
*think... Think... ahh... I have no idea~!* lolz~

Anyway, April 2 of this year 2010 was the 5th anniversary of Hedwig's Sky~

It means I am already a five-year-old blogger! *clap hands*~~
This hedwig's sky has accompanied me ups and downs.... from two-year Form 6 until my three-year University life~ oh, such a precious place for me... which also brushed up my writing skills~~

Wish I can continue blog ~~~~ to keep my memories fresh~~~ haha

Thanks for all supports. I will keep on updating...

Although I had skipped some parts of my harsh + stressful + saddening memories happened in April, I believe I will write it down in the near future. Again, thanks~~


Blogger KL村姑 said...

wow.....u so famous ya.....ganbatte oh.....miss u!!!

May 04, 2010 10:42 am  

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