Thursday, August 05, 2010

Convocation is Coming ~

It is now August, the month of Convocation haha.....
and mine will be on the 7th August 2010, afternoon session, at DTSP USM~~~

Yes, I have graduated, and not yet attended the convocation, in case you still don't know about my current 'status'.

The more updated information about me is, I am currently employed.
Yay~ no more wandering around, no more 'goyang kaki', no more being a 蛀米虫 xp

June and July were an important transition period for me. Basically, I would say... the job did not come to me out of sudden. I did grab the chances given to me. The first one failed, but it led to the second chance and I again grab it and tried my best. Of course, I was lucky throughout the process too. Because of this job opportunity, I gained lots of other things.......
However, it's a big contrast of being employed vs jobless... and I will get busier and busier... @@
Commitment is long term, which is different from being just a temporary promoter.

Because of this job opportunity, I had my first experience boarding on an airplane, and traveled to the first foreign country, Japan. Although only for a few days, it had opened my eyes wider... really wider~~ Next, it led to my second chance of flying aboard to neighbour country, Singapore. It was a longer stay, and I even had the chance to attend my best friend, Ching's convocation at NTU.

It sounds fun huh?! Yes, I should appreciate the golden chance, and play hard besides work hard. Also, I found more and more of my own weakness as time passes by. To more experienced people, sometimes I act immaturely and not confident enough. I must realize this and keep reminding myself to change. There're a lot more things to realize... and I must be open-minded to accept and improve from time to time. Also, I have to be mentally and physically strong, or I will lose in the battle.

Mind setting is very important too. I should realize that I am no longer an undergraduate, but a graduate, also an employee. Say only those needed, filter before speaking out ~~ be mature!

Back to main topic, HAPPY GRADUATION to my fellow friends~~~ not only my coursemates, also friends from other courses and those graduating from other Universities hehehe~~~

Wish us have a bright future ahead and a happy life ^__^


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