Monday, April 05, 2010

20 + 3 岁

My birthday was on 3rd April.

I am 23 years old now o.O --- not quite young....

Sorry for the last not-so-happy post, I will be happy although I am busy now

The first present, was from myself.... a 4 leaf clover
I had also bought one for my dear Cheryl Bei Shan as her birthday present
Her birthday is one day before mine =p
we are ARIES~

and this nice cute mask was the present from her... bought from Taiwan~!

At 00:00 of 2nd April 2010, my dear roommates Ferny and Ching Huey gave us a surprise
They switched off the light and sang birthday song for Cheryl and Me ^^

this was the Treble Clef from Jien Chan ~ thanks o~

Lynette and Eugene had celebrated our birthdays together too
Invited by Cheryl and I to Kim Gary at Queensbay Mall... on 3rd April
as I had 50% discount birthday voucher!
Thanks oh! 歌咏组 rocks~

the Panda table rechargable lamp from Eugene and Lynette!
Like it very much o ^^

After dinner, I went out with Ah Ming, LBK and Terick ...
they bought me two pieces of birthday cakes hehe... Thanks~

Today, just now... 5th April... my usm gang since first year...
celebrated TSK and my birthday at Pizza Hut Sg Dua.
Although belated, it was fun and full ~ hehe
TSK's birthday on 4th April, one day after mine~

The birthday Cake decoration plate broken into two pieces... by TSK
he keeps the 生日,I keep the 快乐....
then... the story will go on... until 50 years later...
when we meet, we will use these to recognize each other! haha
thanks TSK for giving me the Happy~

Thanks my friends for this bracelet!...
in fact, this bracelet's butterfly piece is exactly the same with a pair of earrings of mine!

Just now during the dinner, we had flashed back some old memories since we "formed the gang" in first year... We had celebrated so many birthdays together, ups and downs... did tutorials together bla bla bla... and thanks Huey for cutting the cake for us again... *touched*

Everything in University is going to an end very soon...

By the way, Thanks everyone who wished me either face to face, through facebook, msn, sms or call... terima kasih banyak banyak!

I will try staying positive for everything...
hehe, wish we all have a bright future ^O^


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