Sunday, March 28, 2010

BioNite 2010

Although in the depressed status + time constraint, I opted to attend the prom night, aka BioNite with the theme of Retro & Traditional on the 27th March 2010, organised by the exco of School of Biological Science. Before that, I did not attend the 1st and 2nd year's. Since most of my friends wanted to go, I just followed the flow~

Pre-prom: I need to thank my dear roommates Ching Huey and Cheryl Bei Shan for accompanying me to Prangin Mall for shopping. It was a lucky day for me, because I was able to find the suitable cloth and accessories in short time, with cheap price too! Believe me or not, the dress only cost me RM21~
Really thank to my dear Bei Shan, she helped me to do make-up. She herself also not really experienced, but she tried her best hehe... and I was satisfied with the outcome haha ^__^

Thank to Wei Kit for being the driver, who fetched us along to Naza Hotel. This hotel was by seaside, but we did not walk on the beach...
The event started late....... we all were busy taking photographs while waiting for food.... everyone was indeed hungry~~

Talking about the Food, I rated it bad!
Few selection, and the amount was not enough. I was late to queue up for food, and when it was my turn, most of the more delicious food was finished. What I ate was curry chicken, plain rice, vegetable... ! It did not worth my RM50... Yen Ying then shared some french fries with me, and also few of fried fish. The not-really-delicious ice-cream was also finished up before I could take one.
Aiks... in addition, I was not really in mood, some more, when I was queuing up, the 3 ladies in front of me were very slow, they were taking corn soup for few persons; I tried asking permission from them for skipping them so that I could take rice first... their replied was, no no no, you cannot skip the queue! SWT la them, they were so slow in motion taking the soups, couldn't I skip them so that the queue could run short faster?! It just made my mood become worse...

About the programme of the night, those performances were insincerely prepared. The whole night programme were in Malay language.
Games... quite boring although the atmosphere became better when it came to choosing the prom queen and king. The selection process was weird, but we did not really bother much. The committees themselves picked 3 girls and 3 guys with the clothes most suitable with the theme. Chee Hui was one of the girls, and she had won the Prom Queen title after performing a short drama with a guy haha.... she did it well, congratz oh... and she was really deserved to get it as her dress up was very matching.

It was in fact Earth Hour during 8.30pm-9.30pm; during this prom, there was a session of switching off the light for few minutes as a mean to support Earth Hour... but it was too short in my opinion. Anyway, did better than none.

earth hour...

a crane was transformed into peacock...
created by yen ying and me, using cloth on table

There were a few of lucky draw sessions. Coincidently, the ones who were lucky wore pinky clothes... was it true? hmm... it was according to the emcee of the night. And I was lucky enough too to won myself a present, it was a book titled Charles Darwin Voyaging. My lucky number was 29. Hehe... I was wearing red + white cloth oh, near to pink? haha
Very 'bio' huh? If you're a bio student, you should have heard about this name, Charles Darwin, who talked about evolution, natural selection~~~ This book was considered one of the best gift of the night, as it worth more, and it was sponsored by a lecturer, Professor Baharuddin Salleh.

me with the luckily earned book

All microbiology students who attended

guys with funny poses~


After the bionite, we took photos crazily again~~
Then, we went on 2nd round.... to a place at seaside in Batu Ferringhi, to celebrate Ann's and Wei Kit's birthday, fall on the 28th March.
The beach was hard to walk, for us who wore high heels @@ ...
and the chairs were not steady too... anyway, we came to an open air 'restaurant' on the beach named LAB.... well, we were too hardworking until the celebration was also made at the LAB! haha....

crazy us jumping on the beach~

The night ended at about 2am. For me, the night was not that fun... the RM 50 at least worth with the lucky draw gift I got, with the bad food I had.....
Comparing this time and the ones I attended in form 6, I prefer the old times much more than this.... hmm...
Need to face reality again sigh....


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