Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Seni Memasak

Seni Memasak was the only "formal" co-curriculum I had ever taken in my university life. Usually when we registered for co-curriculum, it was hard to get because the seats were limited!

In fact, it is now officially ended, after attending 12 lessons + 1 more "presentation". It seems to end fast, but it took quite many hours from us just for One credit hour, with a few little written tests. Let me summarise...

First day, 11st Jan 2010, I went to School of Industrial Technology and searched for the room for Seni Memasak. It was my first time entering that school. When I found it, I saw no people had attended yet. Huh, I was too early? Luckily I did arrive at the correct room and started to know the situation better then. There were only 4 chinese, and there was no chinese guy. And the funny part was 4 of us knew each other -- Huey, NZC, Thiam Hui and I. The instructor of this course was one of the lecturer of this school, Dr Noor Aziah. She was quite nice person.

the only 4 chinese girls haha
me>Thiam Hui>Huey>NZC

Group A members~~~
the only guy> Anas

Firstly, we were all divided into 5 groups. I was in Group A, together with 4 malay girls and one malay guy, and we were from different schools. Every group had each own box of cooking tools and pans etc. Immediately after some briefing, we started our first cooking lesson! It was pumpking pudding, which in fact I thought it should not be called as pudding, just merely dessert.

Okay, the below listed the total dishes I had "cooked". Twice per week.

11st Jan 2010 - Pumpkin Pudding
14th Jan 2010 - Fish Curry
18th Jan 2010 - Chicken in Soya Sauce
21st Jan 2010 - Rendang Ayam & Nasi Kunyit
25th Jan 2010 - Bread & Muffin
28th Jan 2010 - Victoria Layer Cake & Bread Pudding
1st Feb 2010 - Vegetable Pizza & Xealibur Cookies
8th Feb 2010 - Laksa
11st Feb 2010 - Karipap
22nd Feb 2010 - Spaghetti
25th Feb 2010 - Lepat Pisang
1st March 2010 - Kuih Kaswi

"presentation" during Hari Ko-Kurikulum (Co-curriculum Day) on 4th March.
3rd March 2010 - Steamed Chocolate Cake

Here comes the photos~~~~

1. the "pumpkin pudding" (naming according to the recipe given)
the upper photo = done, ready for serving
the lower left = still in process

2. Fish curry (nice nice!)

3. Chicken in Soya Sauce (very nice too!)

4. Rendang Chicken and Nasi Kunyit (yumyum~~)

5. Bread & Muffin (my first time doing bread too, soft!)

6. Victoria Layer Cake & Bread Pudding (special bread pudding)

7. Vegetable Pizza & Xealibur Cookies (vege pizza not that nice haha)

8. Laksa (the outcome not that best, but okay)

9. Karipap (there was another karipap pusing, nice too)

10. Spaghetti (not that nice, less ingredients)

11. Lepat Pisang (first time ate this)

12. Kuih Kaswi (not that successful)

13. Steamed Chocolate Cake
our own recipe! hehe.... nice but very very chocolate!
special without using oven ~~~

Hehe... not bad huh. I quite enjoyed myself in the cooking lessons. However, after every class, every group was required to send email to the instructor a photo of the dish and write some description with theme ! And it was me all the time to do the things.. ah well....
The spirit and the excitement dropped gradually especially after CNY. Anyway, many people expected me to cook better haha... I don't think that I can really cook the whole thing as I just assisted some part or just helped in washing dishes and taking photos.

Hohohoho.. I guess many people would consider taking up this course after seeing the photos I posted in facebook xp. Wow... the competition getting more intense. Just kidding la....

For more photos, you may refer to my facebok album:

time to concentrate on my thesis writing =.=


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mouth watering photos~LIKE~

March 11, 2010 8:56 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

haha... thanks for liking!
too bad there tak ada the "like" button haha

March 12, 2010 12:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i'm new to penang. was wondering if there are any bookstores around usm selling textbooks. the cheaper the better.

March 19, 2010 10:58 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

to Mr or Ms Anonymous,
yea, there's a bookstore named UNIRIA, at the opposite of USM, Sg Dua gate. Er... I'm not sure if the price is low enough..

March 20, 2010 9:43 pm  

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