Saturday, August 08, 2009


As title, I went on a trip to MARDI, which situated at Bertam, Penang. Hehe...
It was my first time to visit MARDI, and in fact the trip was free of charge as I was going with my school.

Weird, a Microbiology undergraduate visit MARDI?
well... don't forget that I'm currently having my FYP title related to Paddy. That trip was actually specially made for Agrobioloy students, and I was just following along. We went there to attend a brief talk regarding Paddy plantation and the diseases related. After that, we had a tea session then were brought around to see the real plants and the experiments they were doing.

Hehe... I was bad that I prefer taking photographs to listening the explanations given lolz. However, I did learn something that day =)

huhu.... the so-called baby of "bena perang" = Brown planthopper that attacks paddy ~
err... If i'm not mistaken haha...

this was the closer look.... they were queue-ing up?

another photo... adult Brown planthopper

a closer look... huhu...



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