Sunday, July 19, 2009

盆踊り 2009 @ Esplanade Penang

yo... finally Bon Odori 2009 ended yesterday -- 18th July 2009.

It was the 3rd time I attended the event at Penang. Well, in fact I didn't attended even once for the one in Shah Alam KL.... I must go there in future with my dear hmm.... hehe

Searched back the posts I blogged about Bon Odori in the past years, well... now only I know I forgot to blog about it last year lolz. But that time many things had happened and I was truly busy too.

So, what's the difference between these 3 times I had attended...

1st time was during my 1st year of University life. That time I was following the trip to the destination by bus provided by the Japanese Language Society. I was not yet the member. I went with Huey, Hui and Valerie them... we were staying in the same area of hostel. Everything seemed so fresh to us. I was still very free that time.

2nd time, 2nd year. I had already become the committee member. I was also one of the person in charged to take care of the people boarding the bus... That 2nd year was truly the busiest period to me.

3rd time, 3rd year. I am still the committee member of the Japanese Language Society. The main difference for the bon odori this year was that I also joined the performance of Yosakoi Dance with Pink Hibiscus team. For this dance, there were two teams of us -- USM Japanese Language Society's and Pink Hibiscus team.

After few times of practises and two times with the Hitomi sensei, finally we successfully performed the dance~ hehe, I was quite satisfied with my performance... as the 1st-row performer, I was quite stress but had trained many times and hence I was no longer that nervous ^^

Too bad that we didn't have a special costume for this dance. We just tied a big ribbon using the obiおび and wearing whole black with short pant. Besides, we also had 3 'stripes' painted on our faces @@'' haha... weird?
oh ya, there's also a pinky flower (a fake one) attached on us haha...
-weather:NO RAIN- huhu...

Huey & I ... reminded me of our first year moments...


the sweet couple TY+Ming with the coupons...

hmm... I could say that I enjoyed the night very much... better than the last two years' I guess... I think it's because this was probably the last time I would attend the Bon Odori at Penang, and with my best gang of friends at USM. I truly appreciated my friends for enjoying the night together and helped to take photo + recording of my dance ^^

Ming-PuiFun-Marianne-GuiSong-Me (=歌咏组)

LBK & Huey.... wow, Huey changed another style~

For the photos of dancing.... I didn't get them yet haha... the photos here were from my own camera. May upload more photos and video...
oh ya... forgot to mention one thing I found very good to share, from the stall which we bought food using coupons, the food container used were not non-biodegradable styrofoam! wow... good to have initial move on using biodegradable food containers~ *clap hand*

beautiful fireworks....

How I wished my dear was there to support me and enjoyed the event....


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