Saturday, June 13, 2009

RM2 ah?

The new DiGi Campus™ is no longer zone-based and comes with a new and more competitive rate plan. Effective 12 June 2009, the new rate plan will be applicable to new and existing DiGi Campus™ users.

For existing D'Campus users, you are only required to reload any amount from the launch date of the new DiGi Campus™ plan in order to qualify for the full benefit of the new plan.

hmm... this is a post about DiGi too, unlike last post, this time it is about its DiGi Campus package, which I'm using currently.

What I want to mention here is, there's some changes in the package oh.
Last time, the voice call after RM1 daily usage, it was free for the whole day to the same network, but confined to be in the campus zone only.
Now, the amount has been increased to RM2 total daily usage (including Voice, SMS, Data, etc) , it is free for the subsequent calls the rest of the day to the same network, and it's available anywhere, no longer confined to the campus zone~

oMg! If I spent RM2 per day, then I have to pay RM60 per month!
Swt la... then I must not make call everyday! I made call almost everyday in the campus usually...
However, it's good that everything is no longer confined to only in campus zone!

Similar to the old rate, it's RM0.15 per minute voice call, either to the same network or others;
For SMS, it's RM0.01 per sms to the same network and RM0.06 per sms to the others.

A good news is that Friends and Family is included in D' Campus package now! I can add 11 people from the same network, and there is no charge at all for SMS to these numbers! good! haha....

However, I'm not yet trying out all of these.... if there's any hidden unknown charges.... hmm, let's see how then haha....
Remember, I'm not doing promotion for Digi haha! I'm just telling this if you're using the D' Campus and if you haven't realised about the new changes~

*oh ya, I'm blur about registering courses for my next coming semester.. sigh~ Should I take Japanese Language 2nd level?


Blogger ian ian said...

thx for ur info very much. if u weren't to post this blog and i weren't to accidentally view ur blog, i would definitely stuck in the older 'era' wif older plan and rates. hehe

June 16, 2009 5:45 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

haha, welcome

btw, forgot to mention something, I heard that after reaching RM2, you must remember to cut off the line and then make the call again, if not, the call will continue to cost you even though after RM2 already

June 16, 2009 7:59 pm  

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