Friday, July 10, 2009


One week of the 5th Semester of my entire University life has already passed. FAST... I'm already a 3rd year student !!!!

sigh... mix feeling

Had been thinking the night and morning on the 3rd day of new semester, for choosing topics for my FYP.

FYP = Final Year Project

a term which is so soooo familiar to final year student, let's see how will it torture me then.

From 54 topics... each of us needed to search for 3 favourite topics, and only given about one day to think, crazily.

Many topics seemed like aliens to me, lolz... how to choose? and how to fight with other coursemates with better results? Yes, of course, the better result, the bigger chance you can get your first choice. Most probably, I won't get any of my 3 choices.... anyhow, I must strive hard to finish the whatever topic given!

I must not fail any subject in this final year or I will not graduate in time!



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