Sunday, July 26, 2009

FYP - paddy seed + fungus

In the last post in Chinese language, I mentioned that I was supposed to join the field trip this morning to places in Penang to collect samples for my Final Year Project. However, since the van couldn't fit so many of us, 3 of us were not able to join this time.

I was quite down as I was expecting the trip haha...

but well, like what my friend said, since I was not yet well-prepared, it should be a positive outcome for me. In fact I was not ready yet to start my FYP. I haven't studied the materials I should know.

Oh ya... my project title was about Paddy seed. I have to do a research on fungi that are associated with the diseases found on paddy seed. So, basically I need to understand more on paddy and fungus; It's more to agrobiology than microbiology, I felt.

So, I should not be down for not going field trip today! huhu.... so, I should start on reading more and more books/journals etc, on plant pathology, seed-borne diseases, fungi grow on paddy seed etc. I am so blur about them now... because I didn't have much knowledge on these.

Okay, I will look forward to the field trip coming next.... !



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