Monday, June 29, 2009

26th JUNE 2009

26.6.09, Friday, it was a big sad day for many of us for losing a great singer, Michael Jackson.

Also, it was the last day of my 2-month Industrial Training at Selayang Hospital.

I remember, while I was having my breakfast, I was reading the main page of Yahoo. My eyes were caught by the news telling about the bad news which was just updated 1 minute before! I felt so shocked, although I was not his superfans.
Anyhow, he's really a great singer!

Well, back to my story. I know I have not updated my blog for quite a long time. I was too busy and tired everyday, as other than working (without salary), I also went out with my dear quite frequently in the night, beside sparing some time for my family too.

hehe... so, I didn't have much time staying at home... even if I did, I spent some time playing games at Facebook or read some emails, blogs etc.

yeah... finally I'm done with the industrial training.

Many things had happened, many events I wish I could jot down here but I guess it will not be this moment.
I have to rush with the time, because I'm going 'back' to Penang in few days.

So, I will only update more frequently about the important/funny/memorable events after I back to study. I will have a family trip to Genting Highland before that too. hehe...

The photos taken and combined by using Photoshop... I had used much time on doing this haha... (what to do, I'm still weak in editing photos). I had printed out this in 8R size for fellow beloved staffs at Microbiology unit of Pathology @ Selayang Hospital, I mean to be pasted at the lab haha....

Update later lo....~ haha


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