Monday, May 04, 2009

1st day of Industrial Training

I have started my Industrial Training (LI = latihan industri) today! at Hospital.

Well, it was quite.... boring... because it was the first day?

I reported myself at 8am at the Administration Department, with formal clothes. Thanks my dad for fetching me, hehe... Waited a while, met my ex-classmate Kee Hui who was in the same class with me during standard 1 and 2! She's now studying Microbiology too at UPM. hehe... it is nice to meet someone familiar!
Then, we were brought to the Pathology Unit which is on the 4th floor. Waited some long while again, and we took the time to chat, and got to know another girl from PTPL college, named Dorathi who's taking the course Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT). I didn't know about this college and this course before... felt myself being so ignorant swt =.="

We were given briefing regarding the hospital and loads of names were bombarded to us @@
Next, we were brought to walk around the pathology unit, wah... it was very big and we felt so lost haha... and finally, we settled down at CSR = Central Specimen Reception. It was the place to collect specimens from around the hospital, scanning the barcodes on the tubes to log in the items into system and then sort them to the different departments for conducting the tests. It was not a hard job yet some knowledge for log in is needed and also you must know how to sort those specimens and designate them to the specific department like haematology, microbiology, clinical etc.

the dustbin for waste only, not for sharp items!

Since we're new there, and it was the job of the staffs there, what we could do was just OBSERVE by standing around, some kind of disturbing their job lolz and was trying to offer ourselves to help! I would prefer heavier working load than just standing there doing nothing like a statue which is useless. oh ya, besides wearing formal clothes, we must also wear Labcoat, of course I did bring it haha.

The staffs there were all very friendly, hehe... they were willing to teach us as long as we wanted to learn hehe...
Although it was a quite boring day, I did learn something useful ba... and at least I explored the place huhuhu! I was so nervous before I came to work hehe... luckily it turned out to be quite good~

This is the pneumatic tube system which is used to transport samples safely via the aerocom pneumatic tube, saving thousands of walking miles for ward attendants, nurses and doctors.
Hehe... I had helped to send back the empty pneumatic tubes back to the original places after taking out the specimens. I think this was the job I contributed most today... *swt*


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