Sunday, May 03, 2009

End of 2nd Year

I was back to hometown, Kuala Lumpur last Friday night.
hmm yea I have already finished my 2nd year University Life~!

Before sitting for the last paper Organizational Behaviour on the 30th, I had moved out from the RST hostel to Sg Dua's Desa Airmas Apartment, with the help offered by Gui Song my dear junior on the 28th April evening. My new 2nd home, at Penang is on the 16th floor! wow...
It will be my home for my entire 3rd year... with my dear Bei Shan as my roommate together with 2 of her friends.

so many boxes and bags @@~ the empty room...

It was a big switch for me, from staying alone to staying in a house with many housemates/roommates. I was once became a loner (so serious oh?), had got used to living alone in my hostel... but of course, I didn't like being alone! hehe.... that was why I decided to move out~~~

After the final exam finally ended, I joined the trip organised by Ge Yong Zu to Batu Ferringi. However, the trip actually started in the morning, I had missed out a lot of fun, as they spent the afternoon at the beach ...
By the time I reached the destination, Bayu Emas apartment together with Eugene, Sumitha, and Jian Liang, they all were taking turn to take bath. Then, we went to have our dinner.

compare Jien at the left with the Davy Jones at the right
muahahaha... do they look alike ah?
Credit to Bei Shan for taking this photo lolz

this board appeared at the food court we had our dinner, where many foreigners visited~!

The activity after that was having "camp fire" at the beach in the night, well.... erm... the atmosphere was not as good as expected. Everyone was doing their own activity after back to the apartment, such as playing cards, watching tv, online-ing, seeing photos etc. I wished we all could actually play something else together.

Although I was quite tired, I didn't sleep the whole night, but I slept at 6-10am lolz. I had some pillow talks with juniors and then watched the Mall Cop with Bei Shan. After the breakfast + watch tv + tidy up, we checked out from the apartment and went to Queensbay Mall to have our lunch. There ended my trip to Batu Ferringi, other than a gathering, I didn't have much other fun... sigh.

Bei Shan and I were then in rush, back to our home and packed our luggages. We had bought our bus tickets back to KL at 5pm. Without any help, both of us carried the super heavy luggages from the apartment to the "bus stop" and took Rapid Penang to Sg. Nibong the bus station. Phew... the whole process was quite tough la... haha, anyway, it proved that I still had the ability to carry the heavy stuffs - a backpack with laptop, 2 big bags with books and clothes, and a nonwoven bag with miscellaneous stuffs.

All of those days passed fast, and now, there is only one more year of my university life left!


Blogger KL村姑 said...

hahahaha...u really put the Jien's funny pic oh....really funny lo...85% look work haha...yalo...miss the moment with the young gua lo...hehe...wait the next journey-Pulau Jerejak ya

May 04, 2009 11:59 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

haha... like to PS ma... so did the work to compare lu hahaha

yea, hope we can make the trip soon..

May 05, 2009 9:40 pm  

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